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Model Information:

Cancer Type Breast Cancer
Grade G3
Stage NA
Gender NA
Age 54
Pathology Diagnosis IDC. Invasive ductal carcinoma, grade 3 poorly differentiated, DCIS low nuclear grade. PanCK+, CAM5.2-,Vim+, ,hCD45-, Ecad+. Clinical metastasis, brain, lung and Bone.
Biopsy Site Skin metastasis
Treatment History 16-0017348 AC-T, 3-2014- 9-2015, Xgeva 9-15 - 6-2016, Olaparib 9-2015-4-2016, add carboplatin 1-2016-4-2016, 4-2016 PD1 inhibitor trial, Xeloda 6-2016, progressive disease
Pathology QC Invasive ductal carcinoma (P7).
Special Features IHC (P5): HER2(0.5+), ER(-), PR(-); primary-met pair with BR9479; Slow growth rate, slight ulceration
Mouse Strain NOD.SCID
Viral Status in PDX NA
Available In CB_CN
RNA Seq P3
Exome Seq P3

Growth Characteristics

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