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Model Information:

Cancer Type Breast Cancer
Grade NA
Stage NA
Ethnicity Western
Gender NA
Age 53
Pathology Diagnosis ILC. Cytospin: Atypical cells with round, large nucleus and high N:C ratio. Also contains some benign mesothelial cells and histiocytes.Some K14+ ER and Ki67 are neg in this sample. pericardium, lung, liver metastasis.
Biopsy Site Pleural Effusion
Treatment History leuprolide 6/2003 to 6/2008; Letrozole 6-2003 to 7/2007; zolendronic acid 6/2003 to 10/2010; Tamoxifen 7/2007 to 3/2008; Aromasin 4/2008 to 6/2008; cyclophosphamide, 5/2008 fluorouracil, methotrexate 6/2008 to 9/2008 Capcitabine 11/2008 to 3/2009; paclitaxel 3/2009 to 9/2009 Abraxane 9/2009 to 11/2009; doxorubicin 11/2009 to 9/2010; carboplatin, gemcitabine 10/2010 to 10/2010
Pathology QC NA
Special Features IHC (P8): HER2(-), ER(3+), PR(3+); estrogen independence (EI), derived from BR9468. ESR1 (Y537S), slight ulceration
Mouse Strain NOD.SCID
Viral Status in PDX HPV16-, HPV18-, HIV-, HCV-, HBV-, EBV-
Available In CB_CN
RNA Seq P6
Exome Seq P6

Growth Characteristics

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