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New Market Report: In Vitro Models for Oncology Drug Development

Compare 2D cell lines, 3D spheroids and 3D patient-derived systems such as tumor organoids, and when to optimally apply them in oncology drug discovery

Market Report: 2D, 3D Cell Models and Tumor Organoids

With the wide variety of 2D and 3D in vitro oncology models available today, it’s important to select the right one for each stage of your early drug discovery programs.

Our new oncology Market Report, co-developed with Labiotech.eu, is the first in the field to compare and contrast the benefits and limitations of 2D cell lines, 3D spheroids and newer 3D patient-derived systems such as tumor organoids and PDX histocultures. How to leverage the key applications of each model type is also discussed, to optimize drug discovery workflows.

The Report also includes an analysis of the preclinical oncology market response to tumor organoid adoption in drug discovery, and discusses the future of drug development with expanded organoid applications and market share.

Download the Market Report to:

  • Learn about key features, advantages, and limitations of 2D and 3D cell models in cancer drug development

  • Explore the advantages and current applications of tumor organoids in translating preclinical results

  • Understand how the use of tumor organoids is reshaping the future of oncology drug discovery

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