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Improve Cancer Treatment Outcomes with the Power of Our Combination Therapy

Evaluate over 300 morphological parameters of individual cells.

Choose from Three Tailored Study Designs

Leverage our combination therapy service to enrich your research. Explore unique study designs and model choices for enhanced efficacy and discovery insights.

Fixed Ratio

The simplest design where two drugs are combined in a single dose.

Fixed Concentration

This design involves two drugs that are tested in a linear series of dose combinations.


This design is the most complex and requires highly intensive analytics.

Select your Preferred Analytical Model

Loewe Additivity

This model which is used to model the effects of individual drugs in a combination as independent yet competing events.

Bliss Independence

This model defines the expected effect as if a drug was combined with itself and is useful to evaluate whether compounds A + B provide a more powerful response, as opposed to the effects of simply increasing dosages of A or B alone.

Reveal Actionable Intelligence with Advanced Data Visualization

Our system produces dose-response curves, combination index graphs, inhibition heat maps, 2D contour maps, and 3D response surface plots. These powerful insights into the potency and efficacy of various interventions facilitate informed decision-making.

Boost Your Treatment Approach with Drug-Radiotherapy

We also provide a drug-radiotherapy combination service utilizing organoid models. This service allows you to examine your therapeutic agent's radiosensitizing potential and augment the effect of your ICI therapeutic compound.

Accelerate Discovery and Transform Outcomes

Discover how novel combination strategies swiftly, optimize your research, and revolutionize cancer treatment outcomes.

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