HuGEMM™ Human CD40 Knock-In Model

Evaluate human specific biological therapies in vivo with humanized drug target mouse models


The HuGEMM humanized CD40 mouse provides a translational model for testing your human specific anti-CD40 agonistic antibody. This chimeric model has humanized CD40 receptors and a functional mouse immune system.

The CD40 model was developed by replacing mouse exons 2 to 5 with their human counterparts, while murine exons 1 and 6-9 remain. This allows the in vivo efficacy evaluation of human specific CD40 agonistic antibodies which can recognize the humanized receptor.

  • Evaluate your human specific biological therapies in vivo when no mouse ortholog is available

  • Efficiently study a range of targets for human immunotherapies

  • Save study resources by using a cost effective alternative to more complex fully humanized models

Model Characterization Data

Figure 1: FACS analysis of spleen derived B cells from the CD40 HuGEMM confirms the chimeric h/mCD40 expression. An antibody against the humanized region of CD40 was used to detect the chimeric m/hCD40 protein

Figure 2: Ex vivo binding assay confirms activation of spleen derived B cells following h/mCD40 engagement. I-A/I-E upregulation indicates MHC class II switch thus suggesting B cell activation

Figure 3: Evaluation of anti-human CD40 efficacy. CD40 HuGEMM mice inoculated with MC38 syngeneic tumor cells respond to anti-hCD40 treatment

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