HuGEMM™ Human CD3E Transgenic Model

Evaluate your bispecific antibodies in vivo with humanized drug target mouse models


The HuGEMM CD3E mouse provides a translational humanized drug target mouse model for testing your CD3E human specific targeted agents. The transgenic model has a humanized CD3E chain of the CD3 co-receptor within a functional mouse immune system.

The CD3E model was developed via insertion of an engineered BAC chromosome in a BALB/c background to express the human CD3ε gene. This allows the in vivo efficacy evaluation of human specific immunotherapies which recognize the humanized CD3E chain.

  • Evaluate CD3E targeted, human-specific T cell engagers in vivo

  • Efficiently study a range of human origin bispecific antibodies

  • Normal T cell development, unlike other previously developed models

  • Strong T cell activation after anti-CD3E stimulation, with consistent IL-2 and IFNγ secretion

Model Characterization Data

Figure 1: Human CD3E expression in HuGEMM CD3E transgenic mice confirmed by FACS analysis. T cells co-express both human and mouse CD3E.

Figure 2: T cell activation can be induced by both anti-human and anti-mouse CD3E antibodies. Demonstrated by the T cell stimulation assay following anti-CD3 administration.

Figure 3: Validation of HuGEMM CD3E with bispecific CD3-CD20 antibodies. Tumor growth inhibition of the A20 model is observed following treatment with bispecific CD3-CD20 antibodies.