HuGEMM™ Human CD3 Engineered Models

Humanized target models for evaluating the efficacy of CD3-based bispecifics


Engineered Models for Human CD3-Targeted Immunotherapy Evaluation

CD3 HuGEMM mice provide translational humanized drug target mouse models for testing CD3 human-specific targeted molecules. These transgenic models have a humanized CD3 (hCD3) co-receptor within a functional mouse immune system, enabling the evaluation of hCD3-targeted molecules including bispecific T cell engagers (BiTE®).

CrownBio has developed a range of CD3 HuGEMM including human CD3E (hCD3E) models and human CD3EDG models. The benefits of using CD3 HuGEMM mice include:

  • Understanding immune effects of your hCD3-specific molecule in the context of normal T cell development, unlike previously developed models
  • The ability to elicit strong T cell activation after anti-CD3 stimulation, with consistent cytokine secretion
  • Robust evaluation of T cell redirecting antibodies targeting hCD3 in vivo in a fully immunocompetent environment
  • Mitigation of donor-to-donor variability encountered with human PBMCs, and increased reproducibility of your bispecific antibody in vitro studies, by using mice T cells from a transgenic mouse model expressing hCD3
  • Evaluate a broad spectrum of anti-hCD3 antibodies, which are designed based on various conformational structures or linear epitopes, by choosing the appropriate model

Translational Platform Pairing for Customized CD3-Targeted BiTE Assessment

Gain preclinical insights on the efficacy, potency, and selectivity of CD3-targeted BiTEs by combining the CD3 HuGEMM model with HuCELL™, which are engineered syngeneic cell lines expressing the human tumor associated antigen (hTAA) of interest. CrownBio’s tailored CD3-targeted BiTE solutions enable you to:

Human CD3E Model Bite Assessment

CD3 HuGEMM Model Information

Select the hCD3 mouse model that suits your research needs. All models have been validated for hCD3 expression, T cell functional assessment, and lymphoid development.

  BALB/c-hCD3E C57BL/6-hCD3E C57BL/6-hCD3EDG

Humanized CD3 Proteins

ε ε ε, δ, γ

Mouse Background

BALB/c C57BL/6 C57BL/6

hCD3 Gene Insertion

BAC insertion Targeted Targeted


hCD3E Mouse Mouse


7-8 copies of transgene Endogenous Endogenous

Available Allelic Status

Hemizygous Heterozygous/ homozygous Heterozygous/ homozygous

Lymphoid Development

Comparable to parental strain Comparable to parental strain Comparable to parental strain

In Vitro Model Availability

Yes Yes Yes

In Vivo Model Availability

Yes Validation in progress  Yes

hTAA Expressing Syngeneic Lines (HuCELL) Validated in CD3 HuGEMM  

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