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WEBINAR: Assessing Immunotherapy Toxicity in NHPs

Tuesday June 25, 2019 10:30am EST

Presented by Dr Thomas Scullion this webinar focuses on using NHPs for the preclinical assessment of immunotherapy toxicity. Explore how clinical trials are de-risked by evaluating immuno-safety early in drug discovery, and how to incorporate exploratory toxicology NHP studies into your preclinical programs.

On Demand Webinar: Overcoming Challenges in NAFLD/NASH Preclinical Modeling

Presented by Dr Guodong Zhang this webinar focuses on new solutions to overcome preclinical NAFLD/NASH research challenges. Explore the pros and cons of a range of preclinical NASH models, as well as alternative liver disease evaluation methods, to help optimize and progress your drug development programs.

WHITE PAPER: Optimizing Translational IBD Capabilities How to Select the Right Preclinical Model

Explore the key features of commonly used preclinical IBD models, including model development and example treatment studies. Learn how to choose the most appropriate model for your drug development program, based on drug target and mechanism of action alongside model disease pathogenesis and clinical relevance.

NEW WHITE PAPER: How to Leverage Tumor Models for Pancreatic Cancer Research

Explore advanced models and novel I/O technologies for pancreatic cancer research. Learn more about orthotopic tumor homografts, more accurately replicating PDAC TME in vivo for more clinically-relevant preclinical studies. Discover CAR-T cell therapy as a potential new treatment strategy for pancreatic cancer.

Meet Our Inflammation Team in Europe This June

June 24 - 28, 2019

Our Head of Inflammation, Dr Joshua Wollam, is traveling to Europe this June to discuss our platform of translational preclinical models. You can arrange to meet the team now, to learn more about our available in vivo models of autoimmune and inflammatory diseases.

NEW WHITE PAPER: Key Applications of Syngeneic Models to Maximize I/O Translatability

Learn how to optimize syngeneic translatability through proof of concept and target engagement studies. Read our new White Paper to explore how panels of syngeneic models are used to evaluate new single agent and combination regimens, uncover biomarkers of I/O response, and discover common PD markers for predicting population response.

SYMPOSIUM: Cellular Therapies in Oncology and Beyond: from Drug Development to Clinical Applications

June 27th, 2019 - Janssen Research Campus, Beerse, Belgium

Join our oncology cell therapy symposium, jointly organised with Janssen Pharmaceutica and hosted at their research campus in Beerse, Belgium, to explore the latest developments in the field, and how cellular therapies are being applied from the early stages of drug discovery through to improving patient clinical response.

New US Site Grand Opening Promotion - Free Arm on Syngeneic Studies!

To celebrate the Grand Opening of our new San Diego site we're offering a free arm on subcutaneous syngeneic model studies. You can choose from any validated syngeneic model offered at our US location for studies with at least 5 arms and n=10/arm.

Download our ADA 2019 Posters

We presented posters on our unique translational NASH model at the ADA Scientific Sessions this year. Download our latest data on NASH induction in the dysmetabolic MS-NASH mouse (formerly FATZO), and accelerated disease induction resulting in a model featuring both severe fibrosis and dysmetabolism.

BREAKING NEWS: CrownBio and Hubrecht Organoid Technology Announce Strategic Partnership

Partnership combines breakthrough organoid technology with the world’s largest PDX collection to create a unique patient-derived translational research platform.

New Accelerated and Exacerbated Liver Fibrosis Model for NASH Preclinical Studies

Advance your NASH therapeutics with the inherently dysmetabolic, obese, and diabetic MS-NASH mouse (formerly FATZO). Learn more about standard NASH induction on Western diet plus fructose, as well as accelerated disease progression and exacerbated pathology with CCl4 administration. Explore new CCl4 data, including improved lipid profile and NAS score with OCA treatment.

ON DEMAND WEBINAR: How to Optimize Preclinical Diabetes Studies using Stress Free Methods in NHPs

Presented by Dr Andrew Puca this webinar focuses on novel techniques for optimizing preclinical diabetes research with spontaneously diabetic NHPs. Learn more about continuous glucose monitoring and the banana tolerance test, and how reducing invasiveness and stress leads to improved study data and clinical outcomes.

Download our 15 AACR Posters

We're presenting 15 posters at AACR 2019. Preview our topics now, covering a wide variety of preclinical oncology and immuno-oncology platforms including cancer organoids as drug screening tools, prostate cancer and sarcoma PDX panels, and a wide variety of novel I/O models and immunoprofiling data.

Accelerate Your In Vivo Immunotherapy Development with High Throughput MuScreenTM-Syngeneic Screening

Test your surrogate or cross-reactive I/O agents rapidly and efficiently with our large-scale syngeneic immunotherapy screen. MuScreen-Syngeneic is open for enrollment now, on a first come first served basis.

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Recognize your next clinical candidate when you see it.

Our Translational Platforms enable our clients to identify the right patients for the right treatment. Having models which more accurately mimic human disease and population dynamics are key to successfully translating promising compounds into successful clinical candidates, whether treating Oncology or Diabetes related diseases.

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Understand the mechanisms of disease.

Our scientific acumen and experience will give you a deeper understanding of not just the pharmacological profile of your compound, but more importantly, a clear understanding of which compounds to progress into the clinic. Take a look at our publications to get a deeper understanding of the depth of our scientific expertise.

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end insight

Connecting science to patients.

We help our clients solve some of today's most pressing problems in oncology, cardiovascular, and metabolic disease by answering some of the most challenging questions about human biology.


Models of Obesity


CrownBio’s preclinical Translational Technology Platforms provide spontaneous & diet-induced obesity (DIO) models, to support the transition of new agents into the clinic.

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Oncology Databases


Our unique databases provide a curated source of well-characterized models available to use for drug discovery including PDX models, cell lines, and syngeneic models.

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Diabetes Models


Models of both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes, including conventional, as well as unique, highly translatable models for in vivo efficacy studies of antidiabetic agents.

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Modelling the Full Progression of Type 2 Diabetes | Q&A

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Upcoming Events

June 24 - 25, 2019

7th Antibody Industrial Symposium 2019

Tours, France

June 24 - 28, 2019

European Inflammation Roadshow

France, Switzerland, Germany, Sweden, UK

Tuesday June 25, 2019 10:30 EST

Webinar: Assessing Immunotherapy Toxicity in NHPs

June 27, 2019

Symposium - Cellular Therapies in Oncology and Beyond: from Drug Development to Clinical Applications

Janssen Research Campus, Beerse, Belgium

July 16 - 18, 2019

7th Annual PREDiCT: Tumor Models Boston Summit

Boston, MA