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Watch and Download our 13 AACR 2020 Posters

Explore our 13 AACR 2020 posters covering topics including tumor organoid engineering and genomic analysis, imaging syngeneics and tumor homografts, and new humanized drug target I/O models

Keeping Your Projects Moving During the

COVID-19 Pandemic

Read the update from Dr. Jean-Pierre Wery, CEO on how we're balancing our operations while keeping our staff and facilities safe. Find out more about our current global capacity - with all China sites fully operational, and a Proxy SD system for EU/US affected areas

ON DEMAND WEBINAR: Advances in Development of NHP Models of Diet-Enhanced NAFLD/NASH

Catch up with our NASH Day presentation detailing a custom diet designed to accelerate a NAFLD/NASH phenotype in NHPs. Join Dr Keefe Chng to explore how a high fat, cholesterol, and fructose diet rapidly enhances and develops a NHP model of NAFLD/NASH for pathophysiology and therapeutic studies

ON DEMAND WEBINAR: In Silico Applications for In Vitro Drug Discovery

Join Dr Sheng Guo to learn how to maximize your oncology in vitro datasets using in silico modeling. Find out how advanced data analysis is used to interrogate cell line and organoid genomics, novel combination regimens, and predictive biomarkers.

NEW WHITE PAPER: Discover the Benefits of Biomarker Discovery in Early-Stage Drug Development

Explore three strategies for biomarker discovery and validation early in oncology drug development. Learn how translational preclinical models are used to identify and implement biomarkers across a range of studies, and how to transfer preclinical biomarkers to the clinic for improved accuracy and success rates.

ON DEMAND WEBINAR: Tumor Organoids: A Paradigm Shift in Oncology Drug Discovery

Join Dr Henry Li, CrownBio CSO and Dr Sylvia Boj, HUB Scientific Director to learn more about HUB tumor organoids and their applications in oncology drug discovery. Find out why organoids better predict patient response, and how they are used to improve cancer drug candidates entering the clinic.

WHITE PAPER: Optimizing Translational IBD Capabilities How to Select the Right Preclinical Model

Explore the key features of commonly used preclinical IBD models, including model development and example treatment studies. Learn how to choose the most appropriate model for your drug development program, based on drug target and mechanism of action alongside model disease pathogenesis and clinical relevance.

ON DEMAND WEBINAR: Identifying Preclinical Immunotherapy Candidates Using a NHP Exploratory Toxicology Platform

Join Dr Thomas Scullion to learn how to leverage NHP exploratory toxicology studies to guide and answer multiple immunotherapy developmental questions including lead optimization, dosing paradigms, and immunogenicity endpoints. Discover how NHPs provide a more translational preclinical model for elucidating immune-related toxicity.

NEW WHITE PAPER: Applications of HUB Tumor Organoids in Oncology Drug Development

Learn more about PDX-derived tumor organoids (PDXO) developed using HUB protocols, as robust in vitro models to improve the predictivity and speed of preclinical drug discovery. Review the main applications of 3D PDXO including large-scale drug screening, in vivo model selection, and in silico drug discovery.

ON DEMAND WEBINAR: 3 Strategies to Identify Clinically Predictive Biomarkers in the Preclinical Space

Join Mike Batey to learn how to apply systems biology in early stage drug development for biomarker discovery and validation. Review 3 case studies exploring novel strategies to identify and utilize biomarkers using translational preclinical models, including using in vitro models to uncover genetic signatures of response and in vivo PDX to dissect drug MoA and guide clinical trial design.


Models of Obesity


CrownBio’s preclinical Translational Technology Platforms provide spontaneous & diet-induced obesity (DIO) models, to support the transition of new agents into the clinic.

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Oncology Databases


Our unique databases provide a curated source of well-characterized models available to use for drug discovery including PDX models, cell lines, and syngeneic models.

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Diabetes Models


Models of both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes, including conventional, as well as unique, highly translatable models for in vivo efficacy studies of antidiabetic agents.

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June 11, 2020

DNA Damage Response (DDR)

Explore how various cellular DNA damage response (DDR) and DNA repair pathways are targeted to develop novel anticancer therapeutic strategies.

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June 11, 2020

DNA Damage Response (DDR)

Explore how various cellular DNA damage response (DDR) and DNA repair pathways are targeted to...

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June 8, 2020

Using Tumor Organoids to Identify Cancer Biomarkers

Review why and how to use 3D in vitro tumor organoids to identify cancer biomarkers.

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May 15, 2020

Top 3 Ways to Use Tumor Organoids for Drug Screening

Explore the top 3 ways to use tumor organoids for drug screening: library screening, efficacy...

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May 7, 2020

Top 4 Applications for Tumor Organoids in Oncology Drug Development

Explore the main applications for tumor organoids in preclinical cancer drug development, driven...

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May 5, 2020

HUB Organoids as Human Cancer Models

Explore the phenotypic and genetic concordance between HUB patient-derived tumor organoids and...

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