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On-Demand TECHTALK: Image based quantification of myeloid cell repolarization and their interplay within the tumor microenvironment in 3D

In this TechTalk Dr. Gera Goverse discusses how the incorporation of different myeloid cell populations results in a better representation of the human immune system in the tumor microenvironment (TME) in 3D image-based co-cultures of tumor and immune cells. Discover our 3D high content imaging assay to visualize and quantify immunotherapy and TME effects on myeloid cells using 3D phenotypic analysis.

ON-DEMAND WEBINAR: How to Accelerate Your Immuno-Oncology Studies with the Mouse I/O RNA-Seq Panel

Looking for a readout for your murine preclinical immuno-oncology (I/O) models?

  • Provides in-depth information across a wide range of tumors, TME, and immune response
  • With higher sensitivity, throughput, specificity, and wider dynamic range
  • Not limited by a lack of specific probes for microarray or markers for flow cytometry

WEBINAR: Advancing Authentication: Next Generation Technology for Cell Line and Biosample Verification

Why is it important to authenticate your cell lines and biosamples? In this webinar, Dr. Sheng Guo discusses the challenges of tracing, tracking and maintaining authenticity of cell lines and tissue biobanks across different species. He will also explore how an ultra-sensitive and multi-purpose method can provide a cost-effective solution to detect mycoplasma, viral, interspecies or intraspecies contamination and much more, in a single assay.

CrownBio Acquires OcellO to Expand Preclinical In Vitro Drug Development Service Offerings

OcellO brings high content imaging and advanced tumor organoid analytic technology that will enrich our preclinical 3D in vitro oncology and immuno-oncology service platforms.

On Demand Webinar: A BiTE-Sized Discussion

on Next-Generation Preclinical Models

The Models Advancing Bispecific T Cell Engager Development

BiTEs are a robust class of immuno-oncology (I/O) therapy which are engineered proteins that redirect T cells to destroy targeted tumor cells. Dr. Ludovic Bourre discusses the translational challenges in BiTE development and explores how next-generation preclinical models can be used to provide critical insights in early-stage BiTE development.

ON DEMAND WEBINAR SERIES: Unlocking Tomorrow´s Cure for Cancer Patient-Derived Organoid and Immune Cell Co-Cultures for Immunotherapy Development

Presented by Dr Yujun Huang this webinar will discuss how co-culturing tumor organoids with immune cells offers a unique opportunity to interrogate novel immunotherapies.

CrownBio's Virtual AACR 2021 Event

April 10th - May 9th 2021

Join our complimentary virtual oncology event running in parallel to AACR 2021, where we are hosting a virtual booth, which will include the opportunity to view our 14 posters accepted by AACR in our virtual poster hall. Additionally, visit our booth to meet with our scientists and access a variety of resources.

NEW WHITE PAPER: Utilizing Patient-Derived Tumor Organoids in Matrix HTS to Derisk Drug Development

This White Paper details how patient-derived tumor organoids are revolutionizing drug discovery by providing more translational and predictive data in matrixed, high-throughput screening (HTS) approaches.

WEBINAR SERIES: Unlocking Tomorrow´s Cure for Cancer
Leveraging 3D In Vitro Models for Oncology Drug Discovery

Presented by Dr Rajendra Kumari this webinar will discuss new advances in 3D tumor modelling and how these are contributing to reshaping model choice in drug development. She will review benefits and limitations from available 2D and 3D in vitro tumor models, introduce organoids, and discuss the need for multiple tools and in depth expertise to unravel early stage data and progress successful candidates.

Introducing Our New Mouse I/O RNA-Seq Panel

Explore our new NGS-based murine targeted panel for I/O and TME studies. Learn how to leverage the panel to gain in-depth genomic insight into immune cell populations and the I/O pathways and processes of your murine immunity pharmacology study samples.

Safety and Toxicity Services to Evaluate Immune-Related Adverse Events (irAEs)

Learn how to leverage the novel HuGEMM™ human target knock-in models to study toxicities associated with human-specific immunotherapies. Explore how both the efficacy and toxicity of your immuno-oncology compound can be assessed in the same animal model system to accelerate your drug discovery programs.

NEW WHITE PAPER: Learn When and How to Use Tumor Organoids in Oncology Drug Discovery

Learn how to select the right in vitro platform for each stage of your drug development program based on model features, benefits, and limitations. Explore the optimal applications of tumor organoids, a superior and predictive research system for oncology drug development, and how to best utilize them alongside conventional platforms.

ON DEMAND WEBINAR: Shifting the Paradigm of Cancer Treatment: How Can Optical Imaging Help?

Join Dr Yinfei Yin to explore the benefits of optical imaging in preclinical oncology research with an emphasis on immunotherapy development. Learn how imaging improves the predictive power of preclinical studies, and allows a more efficient and cost-effective translation into the clinic. Key new imaging models for evaluating novel anticancer agents will also be discussed.

Keeping Your Projects Moving During the

COVID-19 Pandemic

Read the update from Dr. Jean-Pierre Wery, CEO on how we're balancing our operations while keeping our staff and facilities safe. Find out more about our current global capacity - with all China sites fully operational, and a Proxy SD system for EU/US affected areas

ON DEMAND WEBINAR: Next Generation Syngeneic Models to Facilitate Immuno-Oncology Research

Join Dr Davy Ouyang to discover the latest cutting edge syngeneic research driving immuno-oncology development. Learn more about deep kinetic profiling, and how immune cell depletion studies are used to explore mediation of immunotherapy response. Engineered and bioluminescent syngeneics will also be discussed, as well as novel I/O platforms for moving beyond standard syngeneic studies.

NEW PUBLICATION: Genomic Analysis of Clinical Chinese ccRCC Samples to Guide Patient Stratification

Explore whole-transcriptomic analysis of tumor and matched normal tissues from Chinese ccRCC patients, to investigate differences in expression profiles across Chinese and Caucasian populations. Discover how genomic analysis of clinical samples has the potential to guide patient stratification.

WHITE PAPER: Optimizing Translational IBD Capabilities How to Select the Right Preclinical Model

Explore the key features of commonly used preclinical IBD models, including model development and example treatment studies. Learn how to choose the most appropriate model for your drug development program, based on drug target and mechanism of action alongside model disease pathogenesis and clinical relevance.


IBD Models


Translate your IBD therapeutics to the clinic with well-characterized in vivo models to understand the preclinical efficacy of Crohn’s disease (CD) and ulcerative colitis (UC) agents.

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Oncology Databases


Our unique databases provide a curated source of well-characterized models available to use for drug discovery including PDX models, cell lines, and syngeneic models.

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Diabetes Models


Models of both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes, including conventional, as well as unique, highly translatable models for in vivo efficacy studies of antidiabetic agents.

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Accelerating Drug Discovery and Development with Flow Cytometry

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September 21-23, 2021

6th Annual PREDiCT: 3D Tissue Models Summit

The Colonnade Boston

September 30, 2021

TechTalk: Image-Based Quantification of Myeloid Cell Repolarization and their Interplay within the Tumor Microenvironment in 3D