HuGEMM™ Human OX40 Knock-In Model

Evaluate human specific biological therapies in vivo with humanized drug target mouse models


The HuGEMM OX40 mouse provides a translational humanized drug target mouse model for testing human specific anti-OX40 agents. This knock-in model has humanized OX40 receptors and a functional mouse immune system.

The OX40 model was developed by replacing the entire coding region of the mouse receptor with its human counterpart. This allows the in vivo efficacy evaluation of human specific therapeutic OX40 antibodies which can recognize the humanized receptor.

  • Evaluate your human specific biological therapies in vivo

  • Efficiently study a range of targets for human immunotherapies

  • Save study resources by using a cost effective alternative to more complex fully humanized models

Model Characterization Data

Figure 1: Expression of human and mouse T cells across WT, heterozygous KI, and homozygous KI HuGEMM OX40 models. The WT animal expresses only mouse OX40 on T cells, and the homozygous KI expresses only human OX40 on T cells, while the heterozygous KI expresses both human and murine OX40.

Figure 2: Evaluation of anti-human OX40 in the HuGEMM OX40 homozygous model inoculated with B16-F10 murine melanoma cells. OX40 HuGEMM responds to anti-human OX40 with a stronger antitumor effect observed in combination with anti-mPD-1.