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Database Registration: MuBase®

Search Across Multiple Immuno-Oncology Murine Models to Identify the Right Model for Your Research


MuBase, Crown Bioscience’s online searchable database of murine immunity and human target expressing models, allows side-by-side comparison enabling better model selection for your specific research needs.

MuBase collates all of our data from:

  • Syngeneic models
  • GEMM and carcinogen-induced primary mouse tumor models
  • Murine tumor homografts (MuPrime™)
  • Humanized target HuGEMM™ models
Explore Murine Models for Immuno-Oncology Research

Browse the collection to:

  • Search across genomic, proteomic, and pharmacological profiling to identify the most suitable platform for your studies
  • Explore a wide variety of data including
    • Model background
    • Mouse strain
    • Histopathology
    • Genomic profiling (proprietary RNAseq data)
    • Standard of care data
    • Immune profiling
  • Export data in both graphical and tabular format to analyze
  • Perform advanced genomic searches (expression, fusion, mutation) across our immuno-oncology platform
  • Compare and contrast models from different platforms

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