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AAI 23 Poster P892

An in vitro T Cell Dysfunction / Exhaustion Assay System to Non-clinically Assess T Cell-targeting Drug Efficacy

Eden Kleiman1,2, Linda Liang1, Gera Goverse1, and Pirouz Daftarian1
1Crown Bioscience, 2JSR Life Sciences

The persistence of antigen and chronic stimulation of T cells results in T cells’ functional decay, referred to as T cell dysfunction or exhaustion (TEX). TEX is an essential part of the checks and balances of the immune system chronic T cell stimulation. This poster presents an investigation of an in vitro T cell dysfunction/exhaustion assay to test drug candidates for their ability to delay or partially reverse T cell exhaustion.

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  • Details on the study method involving repeated stimulation for immunophenotyping and cytokine analysis.

  • Effect of repeated stimulation on co-inhibitory receptors expression in T Cells, cytokine secretion, and cytotoxicity.

  • How this in vitro T cell dysfunction / exhaustion assay can be used as platform to test drug candidates for their ability to delay or reverse T cell exhaustion. 

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