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AACR 2023 Poster 4146

Unlocking IO Drug Potential by High Content Imaging of Immune Cell Co-cultures With Cancer Organoid from Diverse Indications

Saskia de Man, Chiara Foini, Tomas Veenendaal, Michelle Kop, Christos Sarantaris, Sergei Chavez Abiega, Nataliia Beztsinna, Daniel Okkes, Ashgard Weterings, Leo Price, Gera Goverse

With the development of organoid technology, it is now possible to grow tumor objects in 3D scaffolds with a high resemblance to the original patient tumor in terms of genetics, transcriptomics and morphology. This technology is highly suited for preclinical screens and of great translational value. This research presents a high throughput platform using this organoid technology in co-culture with immune cells to study IO drug candidates in different indications.

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  • How the tumor organoid – immune cell co-culture system in combination with HCI allows the detection and quantification of infiltration and killing effects of immune cells on tumor organoids in a single assay. 

  • How a broad range of tumor organoids available in the biobanks empowers IO drug developers to explore their candidates in multiple cancer indications or in multiple models of a single indication with a range of different genetics, target expression, and morphology. 

  • How the testing of IO drugs, such as engineered T cells, tumor targeting antibodies, bispecific T cell engagers, and immune cell modulators in clinically relevant models bring the promise of IO therapies to more indications and patients.

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