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AACR 2023 Poster 198

Pan-cancer Assay-ready Organoid Drug Screening With Robust, Reproducible, and Clinically-relevant Output

Liza Wijler, Jara Garcia Mateos, My Nguyen, Annelot Staes, Linda van Seters, Lama Hasan, Victor Tiroille, Bram Herpers, Leo Price, Mariusz Madej, Michiel Fokkelman, and Marrit Putker
Crown Bioscience, Inc., Yalelaan 42, 3584 CM Utrecht, The Netherlands

This research assess the robustness of the drug screening platform by testing the reproducibility of the organoid assays within and between organoid batches, read-outs, liquid handling systems, and different labs. An assay-ready organoid platform is presented, allowing short timelines, repeated assays from a single batch of organoids, high throughput assays, and large panel screens.

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  • How assay-ready organoid technology has further improved the already highly predictive and reproducible organoid drug testing platform. 

  • The resulting short timelines and large panel screening capabilities that further unlock the great potential of PDO technology. 

  • How using large organoid panels in pre-clinical drug development and in combination with biomarker analysis will allow identification of responsive indications, subtypes, and genotypes, and for early patient stratification. 

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