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HUB Organoid In Vitro Services


In Vitro Screening with PDO and PDXO

HUB OrganoidCrownBio has entered into an exclusive partnership with Hubrecht Organoid Technology (HUB) to provide preclinical drug development and validation services using the HUB organoid technology and HUB tumor organoid biobank.

CrownBio’s HUB Organoid Services are expected to be available by late 2019! This highly translational in vitro screening platform includes the development of patient-derived organoids (PDO) and PDX-derived organoids from CrownBio’s extensive patient-derived xenograft (PDX) collection.

Models Currently In Development

HUB’s adult stem cell-derived organoids, originally developed in the Clevers Lab are generated using highly standardized, proprietary culture methods. The organoids faithfully recapitulate tumors in patients and are extensively characterized by pathology, genomics, and sensitivity to known and experimental drugs.

Colorectal Pancreatic Lung Breast

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