HUB Organoids for Drug Development

In vitro screening with PDO and PDXO


HUB Organoids for Drug Development

HUB Tumor Organoids with representative colorectal exampleCrownBio has entered into an exclusive partnership with Hubrecht Organoid Technology (HUB) to provide preclinical drug development and validation services using HUB organoid technology and the HUB tumor organoid biobank.

Translational 3D In Vitro Models

Our HUB Organoid Services are now available!

Improve the translatability of your early stage drug development with unique patient-relevant in vitro models derived from our expansive collection of in vivo patient-derived xenografts (PDX). Our PDX-derived organoids (PDXO) are developed using HUB Organoid protocols ensuring model robustness and reproducibility. PDXO are matched to the corresponding PDX for a rapid and more informed transition from in vitro to in vivo.

Our ever expanding collection of PDXO are accessed, searched, and selected through our newly launched organoid database OrganoidBase collating light microscopy, genomic, transcriptomic, and pharmacology data.

Key PDXO Benefits

  • Accelerate your drug discovery programs with a unique preclinical workflow combining matched in vitro PDXO/in vivo PDX pairs for improved predictivity
  • Benefit from improved relevance of PDXO over standard in vitro models, and their faster generation than in vivo platforms
  • Model and mirror patient population diversity, via high throughput screening of large libraries of annotated PDXO
  • Perform large-scale screens to select and evaluate combination strategies and facilitate in vivo model selection

HUB Organoid Models

Benefit from exclusive access to HUB’s adult stem cell-derived organoids developed from tumor and matched healthy tissue. Organoids are generated using highly standardized, proprietary culture methods originally developed in the Clevers Lab. HUB Organoids faithfully recapitulate original patient tissue and are extensively characterized by pathology, genomics, and sensitivity to known and experimental drugs.

HUB PDOs will be available for service at CrownBio in 2020!