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Biomarker Services

Robust and validated biomarkers for improved patient clinical response


Discover and Validate Biomarkers to Improve Patient Diagnosis, Monitoring, and Therapeutic Benefit

Advance your preclinical and clinical therapeutic candidates through analysis of gene/protein biomarkers, gaining:

  • In-depth biological insights into mechanisms of action and pharmacodynamics
  • Enhanced data-informed trial decisions such as trial design and patient stratification
  • Improved clinical trial success when using predictive or prognostic biomarkers

High Throughput Biomarker Discovery Platform

Identify, qualify, and validate your predictive and prognostic biomarkers by analyzing your preclinical or non-CLIA regulated samples with our high throughput biomarker discovery platform, including:

Integrated Biomarker and Drug Development Platform

Match your specific biomarker discovery needs to our available services – either standalone or part of an end-to-end, well-integrated preclinical program:

  • Improve preclinical translatability by using well-characterized, clinically relevant disease models
  • Benefit from our long-standing experience in conducting pharmacology studies, more than 200 mouse clinical trials, and generating over 10,000 treatment data
  • Simply and rapidly find models to meet your needs based on growth, response to treatment, molecular signatures, histology, and immune phenotype using our extensive databases of over 2000 oncology models
  • Gain expert guidance from our global bioinformatics team who have published bioinformatics solutions in multiple peer-reviewed journals

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