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Histology and Digital Pathology

Clearly visualize cellular components in their histological context

High Throughput Tissue Histology Analysis to Qualitatively and Quantitatively Evaluate Agent Effect

Rapidly understand your drug’s mechanism and effect through automated immunohistochemistry and immunofluorescence staining and digital analysis. Comprehensive tissue histology characterization from our stringently validated histology platform allows you to:

  • Appropriately visualize the spatial distribution and localization of specific cellular components within their proper histological context
  • Evaluate drug efficacy by detecting drug activity and up- or down-regulation of disease markers in target tissues and elsewhere
  • Accurately characterize targets in tumor tissues
  • Increase your agent’s likelihood of preclinical and clinical success

Validate Therapeutic Effect via Tissue Morphology with our Next Generation Histology and Pathology Platform

  • Efficiently progress your research by taking advantage of our collection of over 400 IHC validated biomarkers
  • Save time with an automated IHC and IF staining platform, utilizing industry standard Leica BOND RX
  • Rapidly review slide image files through high throughput automated scanning and data sharing, utilizing industry standard NanoZoomer
  • Characterize tissue morphology in depth with highplex FL and multiplex IHC
  • Identify subcellular structures, classify tissues, and analyze spatial distribution and proximity utilizing industry standard HALO®
  • Ensure accurate and consistent results with our stringent validation and QC process


Figure 1 T Cell Infiltration at the Hepa 1-6 Tumor-Liver Interface:
Detected by CD4 and CD8 dual staining


Figure 2 Multiplex Immunofluorescence Image of Patient HCC Tumor:
Labeled for FoxP3, CD4, CD8, CD68, HLA-DR, and DAPI

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