ADME & Physicochem

Evaluate your compound's physical, chemical, and metabolic properties


Does Your Compound Meet the Grade?

Understanding the physicochemical properties of your compounds requires a defined set of capabilities and key expertise to provide data you can use with confidence.

Evaluate your Compound’s Physicochemical Properties

  • Aqueous solubility in PBS buffer
  • Aqueous solubility in bio-relevant media (FaSSIF)
  • Chemical stability
  • Plasma and whole blood stability
  • Compound concentration, homogeneity, and stability in different formulations (dose formulation analysis)
  • Lipophilicity (logD7.4 distribution coefficients)

Optimize Its Profile

Optimization of absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion (ADME) profiles of therapeutics is crucial for their clinical and commercial success.

At CrownBio we provide a comprehensive range of assays to evaluate the in vitro ADME profile of your agent. Our analyses include measurements of:

  • Microsome metabolic stability (rat, human, mouse, dog)
  • Hepatocyte metabolic stability (rat and human)
  • S-9 metabolic stability (rat and human)
  • Metabolite identification (microsomes, hepatocytes, plasma)
  • Metabolite profiling (microsomes, hepatocytes, plasma)
  • Reactive metabolite (RM) GSH trapping
  • Cytochrome P450 (CYP) inhibition/induction for DDI
  • CYP metabolism enzyme identification (CYP ID)
  • CYP reaction phenotyping (CRP)
  • Caco-2 bi-directional permeability, efflux
  • P-glycoprotein (P-gp) transporter inhibition
  • TDI (Time Dependent Inhibition)
  • Plasma protein binding (human, rat, mouse, monkey, dog)
  • Microsomal binding
  • Tissue binding
  • Blood/plasma ratio

We provide a comprehensive range of capabilities to support fully integrated drug discovery collaboration or standalone service for your internal projects.

Contact us today for expert advice on your compound’s ADME and Physicochemical properties.