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Advancing Authentication: Next Generation Technology for Cell Line and Biosample Verification

Advancing Authentication: Next Generation Technology for Cell Line and Biosample VerificationPresenter: Dr. Sheng Guo,
Executive Director, Systems Biology

Thursday July 15, 2021 -
12am/11am/4pm ET

Cell line misidentification and preclinical model contamination plague biological research in drug development. A recent survey showed that half of the biobanks used by researchers failed to conduct routine surveillance of their cells lines, samples and tumor models. Although STR assays are widely accepted as an authentication method, they have low sensitivity in detecting contamination and are particularly ineffective in authenticating mouse cell lines.

To address the long-standing problem of accuracy and reliability in authenticating cells lines and biosamples, we have developed an ultra-sensitive and multi-purpose method based on deep NGS sequencing using the SNP-NGS QC Panel for Cell Line and Biosample Authentication.

Our next-generation method consistently achieves <1% sensitivity in detecting contamination and is the only proven commercial product capable of authenticating a wide range of mouse cell lines, including closely related lines, such as B16-F0/F1/F10/BL6 and different MC38 strains.

In this webinar we describe how our unique authentication assay can help you build high-quality biobanks that pave a solid foundation for your drug discovery and development.

Attend this Webinar to Explore:

  • Challenges in tracing, tracking and maintaining authenticity of cell line and tissue biobanks across different species
  • Limitations of current STR and SNP assays, and how to overcome these limitations with our new SNP-NGS QC Panel for cell line and biosample authentication
  • How the SNP-NGS QC Panel can authenticate mouse cell lines with 100% accuracy
  • Cost-effective solutions for detecting mycoplasma, viral, interspecies or intraspecies contamination, quantifying human-mouse mix ratio, inferring gender and genetic admixture pattern, and estimating cell line proportion in a mix of cell lines in a single assay

Who Should Watch:

  • Directors, executives, operations officers, QC managers, researchers and principal investigators of small to large pharmaceutical and biotechs utilizing cell lines, xenografts and organoids in their drug development pipeline
  • Academic and government researchers using cell lines and biosamples as model systems
  • Biobank curators looking for high-throughput, ultra-sensitive technology to build and maintain high quality biobanks
  • Cell line authentication service providers looking for next-generation technology partnerships

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About The Presenter:

Dr Sheng GuoDr. Sheng Guo joined CrownBio in 2011 as the Executive Director, Systems Biology and also leads on all associated services. Prior to joining CrownBio, Sheng worked at Syngenta and Boehringer Ingelheim and has extensive expertise in tumor model genomics, preclinical statistics, predictive biomarker discovery, NGS-based product design, and industrial software development. Dr. Guo received his Ph.D. in Genomics and Computational Biology from the University of Pennsylvania, and B.Sc. in Biochemistry from Nankai University.

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