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Crown Bioscience Preclinical Model Collection

Selecting the appropriate preclinical model for your studies is critical to your research success. Search through our well-annotated model collection to find the models that meet your specific research needs. Simply click on a collection below to see a full list of available models.


    Patient-derived Xenograft (PDX) Models

    Patient-Derived Xenograft

    ( HuPrime® )


    Syngeneic Models



    Tumor Homograft (MuPrimeTM) Models

    Tumor Homograft

    ( MuPrimeTM )


    Human Target Knock-In (HuGEMM™) Models

    Human Target

    ( HuGEMMTM )


    HSC and PBMC Humanized Models

    HSC and PBMC Humanized


    Cell Line-derived Xenograft (CDX) Models

    Cell Line Derived Xenograft