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Paris Symposium 2023:
Next Generation Preclinical Models for Oncology and Immunology

Date: Friday, September 29, 2023 | Check in: 8:30 am

Location: Sanofi, 82, Avenue Raspail, 94250 Gentilly, France

Our symposium will showcase next-generation preclinical models for oncology and immunology, including organoids, ex vivo human tissues, humanized mouse models, and other innovative approaches.

These emerging technologies and methodologies offer remarkable benefits using cutting-edge models that complement traditional preclinical approaches, providing increased accuracy, personalized insights, accelerated drug discovery, and cost-efficiency.

Bringing together researchers and industry professionals, the symposium will enable you to engage with dynamic discussions and collaborations and help drive the successful implementation of these next-generation preclinical models in oncology and immunology research and drug discovery.

Join us for a full agenda of talks from the leading researchers in this rapidly developing area, followed by an opportunity to network with your peers at a complimentary drink’s reception

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Attendance for the symposium is free but space is limited.  We encourage early registration.
Lunch will be served. 


Enhancing Drug Discovery Success with Preclinical Solutions

David Vallerand, PhD
Senior Director, Scientific Engagement, Crown Bioscience, Inc.

Development of NK-humanized Mice Models for the In Vivo Evaluation of NK Based Therapies

Celine Nicolazzi, PhD
Group Head in Pharmacology, Oncology at Sanofi R&D

Predicting Safety and Efficacy of Engineered T Cells Using an Ex Vivo Human Model

Emmanuel Donnadieu, PhD
Team Leader, Institut Cochin, INSERM, CNRS, Université de Paris

The Potential of Organ-on-chip: From Fundamental Research to Clinical Applications

Stéphanie Descroix, PhD
Director of Research Scientist at Institut Curie

Maria-Carla Parrini PhD
Senior Research Scientist at Institut Curie

Patient-derived Organoids and Fresh Ex Vivo Tissue Cultures as Translational Models for (Immuno)-oncology Drug

Nataliia Beztsinna, PhD
Head of 3D Ex vivo Patient Tissue Platform at Crown Bioscience, Inc.

Genetic Diversity Enhances the Relevance of Mouse Models

Xavier Montagutelli, PhD
Head of the Mouse Genetics Laboratory, Institut Pasteur

Lympho-epithelial Interactions in the Human Intestine

Lionel Le Bourhis, PhD, CCIB
Assistant Professor, Intestinal immunity in Inflammation and Cancer, Institut de Recherche Saint-Louis

Mouse Intraductal Patient-derived Xenograft (MIND-PDX) Models of Breast Cancer

Jos Jonckers, PhD
Senior Investigator, Oncode Institute, Professor of Molecular Experimental Oncogenetics and Cancer Therapeutics, Leiden University, Senior Group Leader, Division of Molecular Pathology, The Netherlands Cancer Institute


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