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Translational Oncology

Finding the right patients for the right therapy before you enter the clinic


"CrownBio brings clarity to drug discovery around the world by helping biopharmaceutical companies solve some of today's most pressing problems in oncology, cardiovascular, and metabolic disease.

Leveraging our industry expertise, CrownBio's global resources help customers answer the most challenging questions about human biology. We begin with the end insight to help you achieve your goals"

Dr Jean-Pierre Wery
CEO, Crown Bioscience Inc.

Let Our Translational Oncology Division Improve Your Chances of Successful Clinical Development

Cancer is not a single disease. There is no single treatment that is effective for all patients even within a single cancer type or subtype. Therefore, the future of cancer treatment lies in the development of tailored strategies for subsets of cancer patients (personalized medicine).

The goal for CrownBio’s Translational Oncology Division is to help our customers design the best clinical strategy for their drug candidates. By working with CrownBio and using its unique models and powerful molecular profiling and data analysis capabilities, our clients significantly improve their opportunity for success during clinical development.

translational oncology clinical development process

Understand Who Will Respond to Your Agent Before A Single Patient is Dosed

CrownBio provides a Translational Oncology Technology Platform to identify and understand which subsets of patients will benefit from a client’s treatment, before a single patient is dosed.

Our platform leverages our HuPrime® and HuKemia® Patient-Derived Xenograft (PDX) models (the world’s largest commercial collection of 2,500 PDX) which are the most predictive preclinical models available, preserving the biological characteristics and genetic diversity of original patient tumors.

Our HuPrime PDX models can be used in two Translational Oncology scenarios:

Within HuTrials each PDX subject reflects the pathology of its original patient, behaving as a patient avatar. A large cohort of our HuPrime models therefore represents a wide range of disease diversity from the patient population.

Identify Signatures and Biomarkers Predictive of Response

Running a HuTrial can identify responder and non-responder populations, and can be used with our proprietary state of the art genetic signature discovery and validation algorithm, HuSignature™ and our HuMark™ Translational Platform to fully elucidate signatures and predictive biomarkers for patient stratification in the clinic, removing clinical uncertainty and potentially improving response rates.

Contact us today for more information on our Translational Oncology platforms, and to discover who will benefit from your treatment before you enter the clinic.