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Find Your Cell Lines and Models of Interest in One Easy Search

Using appropriate cell lines and Cell Line Derived Xenograft models with genetic features of interest can enhance your early stage in vitro and in vivo drug discovery programs. CrownBio has made searching for cell lines and xenografts easy using XenoBase, our collated online database.

World's First Online Cell Line and Xenograft Database

XenoBase is powerful yet easy to use, combining:

  • Public profiling data
    • expression, copy number, and mutation
  • With proprietary pharmacology data for xenograft models
  • Providing rich curated datasets around both our cell lines and xenografts

Quickly Browse or Search Standard and Specialty Models to Meet Your Research Needs

Over 200 of our validated in vivo Cell Line Derived Xenograft models can be easily browsed, and selecting an individual model provides information on:

  • Cancer type and subtype
  • Category
  • Histopathology
  • Pathology and immunohistochemistry images
  • Growth curves and body weight changes
  • Standard of care (SoC) data

Searching for models to meet client needs can be simple or in depth. Basic model searches cover xenografts of specific types (subcutaneous, orthotopic, systemic, metastatic, etc., also including a range of specialty models). Models can also be stratified by SoC data or keyword searched.

Explore More Powerful Genotypic Search Options, Easily Export Your Results

XenoBase also contains more powerful search options, allowing clients to search over 1,000 cell lines based on:

Searches can also combine multiple parameters. XenoBase allows all model searches to be exported either as graphs or tables, providing an essential tool for the rapid identification and validation of cell lines and xenografts of interest.

BCR-ABL Fusion Events in Cell Lines Searchable through CrownBio Proprietary RNAseq Data

Register Now

Registering for XenoBase is quick and easy, with a member of the CrownBio database team validating your request within 24 hours. One registration gives you access to all CrownBio databases, allowing access to a wide range of model types.