Syngeneic Tumor Models

Evaluate your immunotherapies and fast-track their in vivo screening


Large Panel of Validated Syngeneic Models Ready for Your Immunotherapy Evaluation

Preclinical research of new immunotherapies requires in vivo models with fully functional immunity. Syngeneic tumor models are homografts derived from immortalized mouse cancer cell lines which originated from the same inbred strain of mice. This provides simple models with fully competent immunity for assessing your new single agent and combination immunotherapies.

We provide a large collection of syngeneic models covering a variety of cancer types and immune phenotypes, available now for your efficacy and PD studies.

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Subcutaneous Models

Bladder: MBT-2
Glioma: GL261-luc
Leukemia: C1498
Neuroblastoma: N1E-115, Neuro-2a
Plasmacytoma: J558
Breast: 4T1, EMT6, JC
Fibrosarcoma: WEHI-164
Kidney: Renca
Liver: H22, Hepa 1-6
Myeloma: MPC-11, P3X63Ag8U.1
Pancreatic: Pan02
Prostate: RM-1

Orthotopic Models

Breast: 4T1, EMT6
Liver: Hepa 1-6
Glioma: GL261-luc
Pancreatic: Pan02

Systemic Models

Leukemia: C1498
Myeloma: MPC-11

Specialty Models

Breast: 4T1 (metastatic/bioluminescent)
Glioma: GL261-luc (bioluminescent)
Melanoma: B16-F-10 (metastatic), B16-BL6 (metastatic)
Liver: H22 (bioluminescent) Hepa 1-6 (bioluminescent)
Lung: LL/2 (LLC1) (metastatic)

Well Validated Models

Our syngeneic models are well-characterized, making them the ideal models to evaluate your novel immuno-oncology agents as well as combination therapies.

Evaluation of Anti-PD-1 Efficacy

Evaluation of Anti-PD-1 Efficacy

The extensive characterization data found within our searchable database MuBase® includes immune checkpoint inhibitor benchmarking (including model response to anti-PD-1, PD-L1, and CTLA-4) and tumor RNAseq. Baseline tumor immunoprofiling and post-ICI treatment tumor immunoprofiling is also available for a subset of our models with further characterization ongoing.

Advanced Models for Metastatic Modeling and Optical Imaging 

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