Radiation Therapy

Improve translational prediction in your next combination study

Precision Radiotherapy with Applications from Simple Subcutaneous to Complex Metastatic Studies

Radiation treatment remains the standard of care across all tumor types. Predicting how novel treatments work in combination with radiotherapy is crucial. Our service delivers image beam guided focal radiation using the PXi X-RAD SmART technology. This can be combined with any of our validated syngeneic models or clinically relevant xenograft models.

Power your Immunotherapy Efficacy by Activating the Adaptive Immune System

Radiation induces immunogenic cell death and promotes recruitment and function of T cells within the tumor microenvironment, working in synergy with immune checkpoint inhibitors to increase the antitumor activity of T cells. Delivering the precise dose is key for evaluating immune activating therapies, as whole body irradiation can inhibit response. The PXi X-RAD Smart technology enables fast, accurate delivery in all treatment scenarios.

Subcutaneous CT26.WT Adenocarcinoma Model Response to Radiotherapy

Subcutaneous B16-F10 Melanoma Model Response to Radiotherapy

Subcutaneous RM-1 Prostate Cancer Model Response
to Radiation and Combination Therapy

Quick and Easy Model Selection

Selection of the appropriate syngeneic tumor models of interest is made easy by our curated online murine cancer model database MuBase®, and our powerful new search engine (which searches models from all our Oncology databases) OncoExpress.