Patient-Derived Xenograft (PDX) Models

More clinically relevant: models derived from patients that truly mimic human disease


The World’s Largest Commercial Collection of Well-Characterized Patient Derived Xenograft Models

  • 2500+ models represent over 30 cancer types to test novel therapeutic uses for existing molecules

  • A large collection enables population studies to stratify patients into responders, partial and non-responders, and to look for molecular signatures of response

HuPrime® Solid Tumor PDX

Patient Derived Xenograft Models- HuPrime Collection

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HuKemia® Blood Cancer PDX

Patient Derived Xenograft Models- HuKemia Collection

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Our ALL, AML, and NHL Models are Unique in the Commercial World

Presenting stable disease transferable through passages, providing the only models that truly represent the human condition and that can be used to test the efficacy of novel agents against drug resistance. Why not add your project to the ever increasing 110 client blood cancer studies we’ve already completed?

All CrownBio models are well-characterized and all genomic, genetic, pathology, and response annotations are accessed via HuBase™, our online searchable PDX database, and OncoExpress, our powerful new search engine.

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