In Vivo Services

Understand your drug candidates’ potential pharmacological profile using a suite of validated in vivo models


Progress Your Preclinical Research with Our Well-Characterized In Vivo Models

Advance your preclinical development programs in a timely and cost-effective manner using our comprehensive suite of validated in vivo oncology models. Maximize therapeutic effect by evaluating efficacy/PD and dissecting drug mechanism of action or resistance.

Our breadth of experience spans subcutaneous and orthotopic models, as well as testing a range of therapeutics from small and large molecules, biologics, cell therapies (including CAR-T), oncolytic viruses, cancer vaccines, and radiation therapy.

You can work with us to select the most appropriate platform, study design, and screening method tailored to each of your individual drug candidates and research question. Each of our models are supported by a range of translational tools including biomarker, in vitro/ex vivo assays, and in silico modeling to optimize lead candidates.

Patient-Derived Xenograft (PDX) Models

PDX models are clinically relevant, providing a predictive platform for preclinical drug evaluation. We’ve developed the largest commercial collection of well-characterized PDX models (HuPrime®), complemented by our HuKemia® patient-derived blood cancer models.

Reduce drug attrition rate and development costs by utilizing our PDX models and Biomarker Discovery services to:

  • Prioritize lead compounds
  • Narrow down disease indications by running mouse clinical trials (HuTrial™)
  • Identify biomarkers to stratify patient populations in clinical trials (HuMark™/HuSignature™)

Cell Line Derived Xenograft Models

For evaluation using historically known models, we’ve established over 200 validated subcutaneous, orthotopic, and systemic conventional cell line derived xenograft models. Bioluminescent models are also available for optical imaging of primary and metastatic tumors.

Progress your agent using cell line derived xenograft models:

  • Cost-effective evaluation of in vivo drug efficacy in well-established models with ample historical data for comparison
  • Transition seamlessly from in vitro to in vivo studies (ValidatedXeno™)
  • Evaluate PK/PD in a robust but predictive setting using PDX-derived xenograft models
  • Test in an immunodeficient or humanized setting

Immuno-Oncology Models

Appropriate preclinical immuno-oncology models are increasingly needed to successfully evaluate immunotherapies harnessing the immune system. Our diverse immuno-oncology in vivo platform includes humanized models, human target expressing models, and murine immunity models and services.

Extend durable responses to a wider patient population with our immuno-oncology models by:

  • Efficiently evaluating efficacy/PD through proof of concept and target engagement studies in syngeneic models
  • Testing novel combination treatments in the context of disease relevant TME and driver mutations with tumor homograft models
  • Rapidly screening single or combination regimens to identify responder models or markers in a fully immune competent system with the first large-scale in vivo I/O screen (MuScreen™)
  • Cost-effectively overcoming species specificity constraints with human target expressing models (HuGEMM™/HuCELL™)
  • Investigating drug effect and potential immune related toxicities with PBMC or HSC humanized models

Don’t see a model that fits your needs? We provide custom tumor model development services to satisfy your research requirements in a timely manner.

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