Syngeneic Tumor Models

Evaluate your immunotherapy compounds and fast-track their in vivo screening using CrownBio’s large panel of validated syngeneic models


Evaluate How Novel Cancer Therapies Perform in Syngeneic Tumor Models

Immunotherapeutics fight cancer by taking advantage of a patient’s own immune system, therefore, preclinical research into new therapies requires appropriate models with fully functional immunity.

Syngeneic tumor models (allografts derived from immortalized mouse cancer cell lines which originated from the same inbred strain of mice) provide a valuable system for assessing new single agent, combination immunotherapies, or combination radiotherapy within mice with fully competent immunity.

CrownBio provides a panel of well validated syngeneic mouse models for preclinical immunotherapy research, with full immune cell profiling via FACS, RNAseq data, and treatment data available including a range of checkpoint inhibitors. Our suite of syngeneic models includes nearly 20 cancer types, with over 30 models available or in development.

Standard and Bioluminescent Syngeneic Models to Meet a Range of Research Needs

Our standard syngeneic models are used to interrogate novel immune treatments with panels of our syngeneic models utilized in checkpoint inhibitor evaluation. We also provide orthotopic syngeneic models of metastasis, including bioluminescent models, allowing clients to study clinically relevant metastatic invasion, metastatic lesions in secondary organs, and the evaluation of agents to target this metastasis.

Selection of the appropriate syngeneic tumor models of interest is made easy by our curated online murine cancer model database MuBase®, and our powerful new search engine (which searches models from all our Oncology databases) OncoExpress™.

Introducing the First Large-Scale In Vivo Screening Platform for Immunotherapeutics

CrownBio has made the decision making process easy to fast-track your novel immunotherapeutics in MuScreen, the first large-scale, staggered, in vivo screening platform for cancer immuno- oncology agents. MuScreen is used to rapidly focus immuno-oncology research efforts such as screening for efficacy, evaluating combination therapies, and qualifying drug resistance.

We provide two fixed sets of MuScreen syngeneic tumor models:

  • Efficacy Screening Panel
  • Tumor Microarrays

Our Syngeneic Efficacy panel runs following a preset schedule, with fixed panels of 12 models and a shared vehicle group. The main endpoint is TGI (with optional FACS and IHC).

Benefits of a MuScreen

  • Providing an effective and accurate way to find the right model particularly for combination studies, where choosing a model that shows intermediate response to single agent treatment is key
  • Large-scale screening to reduce variability
  • Improving efficiency and saving study time by quickly identifying markers or models to progress to the next stage
  • Improving cost-effectiveness by client sharing of vehicle and other common groups