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Screen your compound across well validated panels of Syngeneic and Tumor Homograft models to accelerate your drug development


High Throughput In Vivo Screens for Evaluating Immunotherapies

2019 MuScreen Schedules

The MuScreen platform is a high throughput in vivo screen to evaluate immuno- and chemotherapies across a preselected set of well characterized and validated syngeneic or tumor homograft (MuPrime™) models. These screens provide a cost effective and time efficient way to fast-track in vivo preclinical immunotherapy development.

Choose MuScreen to:

  • Benefit from CrownBio covering the cost of the vehicle group for all models

  • Benefit from a discount on shared control groups

  • Quickly identify responder models or markers saving time and improving efficiency

  • Evaluate efficacy and/or pharmacodynamic (PD) effects of your compounds across well characterized syngeneic and tumor homograft models*

*MuScreen-Tumor Homograft currently only available as Efficacy Mode

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MuScreen-Tumor Homograft Model Panel

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