Fast Track Immunotherapeutic Development with MuScreen™


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High Throughput Syngeneic In Vivo Screen for Evaluating Immunotherapies

Now Available: MuScreen PD Mode - Enroll by 8th October 2018

Limited Availability! 6 Model MuScreen Efficacy Mode Enrollment ends 1st November 2018

  • Evaluate TGI with the Syngeneic Efficacy Screening Panel of 6 or 12 models

  • Evaluate PD effects (FACS analysis of TIL/TAM) with the Syngeneic PD Screening Panel of 12 or 6 models

  • Large-scale, staggered screening reduces variability from sources such as antibodies and mice

  • Improve efficiency and save study time by rapidly identifying markers or models

  • An effective and accurate way to find the right model - particularly for your combination studies

  • Benefit from multiple clients sharing the results of vehicle and other common groups significantly reducing both the number of animals needed and your associated costs

Figure 1: Syngeneic Efficacy Screening Panel Study Design


Figure 2: Syngeneic PD Screening Panel Study Design

Choose MuScreen Over a Traditional In Vitro Study

  • Comprising of a predesignated syngeneic panel across a range of cancer types, built upon our collection of validated and well-characterized syngeneic models

  • You can leverage detailed model checkpoint inhibitor benchmarking data, as well as RNAseq and optional FACS analysis information

  • Models run on a large scale, preset schedule, with shared vehicle and common groups to improve efficiency, reproducibility, and cost-effectiveness

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