Study human-specific immuno-oncology therapeutics in vivo


Robust Humanized Target Model Platform for Immunotherapy Evaluation

The preclinical evaluation of immunotherapies has been hindered by a lack of in vivo models for testing human-specific therapeutics. Surrogate anti-mouse checkpoint inhibitors were initially evaluated in syngeneics, however these models cannot be used for testing human biological therapeutics due to species specificity issues.

To study human specific biological therapies in vivo, we’ve developed the HuGEMM platform. HuGEMM models feature a humanized drug target (e.g. checkpoint inhibitors) within mice with a functional immune system.

  • Efficiently study a range of targets for human immunotherapies

  • Evaluate human specific biological therapies in vivo when no mouse ortholog is available

  • Save study resources by using this cost-efficient alternative to more complex, fully-humanized models

What is a HuGEMM?

HuGEMM are immunocompetent chimeric mouse models, engineered to express humanized drug targets such as genes encoding for immune checkpoint proteins.

Available HuGEMM Models