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A wide array of in vivo models to assess complex metabolic disorders


"CrownBio brings clarity to drug discovery around the world by helping biopharmaceutical companies solve some of today's most pressing problems in oncology, cardiovascular, and metabolic disease.

Leveraging our industry expertise, CrownBio's global resources help customers answer the most challenging questions about human biology. We begin with the end insight to help you achieve your goals"

Dr Jean-Pierre Wery
CEO, Crown Bioscience Inc.

Evaluate Your Anti-Obesity Agents with CrownBio End-to-End Preclinical Solutions

Obesity has become a serious epidemic issue with >600 million obese people worldwide.

The molecular and cellular mechanisms of obesity-associated health problems are not yet fully elucidated, therefore requiring preclinical technologies and models to further obesity research and evaluate anti-obesity agents.

Discover CrownBio's Comprehensive Set of Models

CrownBio’s preclinical CardioVascular and Metabolic Disease (CVMD) Translational Technology Platforms provide spontaneous & diet-induced obesity (DIO) models, to support the transition of new agents into the clinic. These include highly translatable models such as:

MS-NASH zdsd-button.png

As well as all available conventional rodent models,  with natural or induced obesity, including:

  • Zucker fa/fa and Sprague-Dawley (SD) rat
  • ob/ob mouse
  • DIO in rats and mice

Choose From a Wide Variety of Study Endpoints

Our obesity study endpoints cover a full range of assays and read outs, including assessment of:

  • Food intake/body weight (BW) changes,
  • Body fat composition (DEXA, qNMR),
  • Food consumption (BioDAQ),
  • Oxygen consumption/energy expenditure (OxyMax)
  • Serum glucose and lipids measurement
  • Biomarker ID (hormones and lipids)

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