A wide array of in vivo models to assess complex metabolic disorders


Evaluate Your Anti-Obesity Agents with CrownBio End-to-End Preclinical Solutions

Obesity has become a serious epidemic issue with >600 million obese people worldwide.

The molecular and cellular mechanisms of obesity-associated health problems are not yet fully elucidated, therefore requiring preclinical technologies and models to further obesity research and evaluate anti-obesity agents.

Discover CrownBio's Comprehensive Set of Models

CrownBio’s preclinical CardioVascular and Metabolic Disease (CVMD) Translational Technology Platforms provide spontaneous & diet-induced obesity (DIO) models, to support the transition of new agents into the clinic. These include highly translatable models such as:

MS-NASH zdsd-button.png

As well as all available conventional rodent models,  with natural or induced obesity, including:

  • Zucker fa/fa and Sprague-Dawley (SD) rat
  • ob/ob mouse
  • DIO in rats and mice

Choose From a Wide Variety of Study Endpoints

Our obesity study endpoints cover a full range of assays and read outs, including assessment of:

  • Food intake/body weight (BW) changes,
  • Body fat composition (DEXA, qNMR),
  • Food consumption (BioDAQ),
  • Oxygen consumption/energy expenditure (OxyMax)
  • Serum glucose and lipids measurement
  • Biomarker ID (hormones and lipids)

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