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Crown Bioscience Resolutions from our 2018 The First Extraordinary General Meeting

SEQ NO 1 Date of Announcement 2018/02/08 Time of Announcement 14:02:18
Date of Events 2 To which item it meets paragraph 18    


  1. Date of the special shareholders' meeting: 2018/02/08
  2. Important resolutions:
    1. Adopted by special resolutions: The Company has entered into the Agreement and Plan of Merger with JSR Corporation ("JSR") and Gallo Merger Sub Corp to proceed with a reverse triangular merger where the Company is the surviving company and Gallo Merger Sub Corp is the dissolved company. The Company will be a wholly owned subsidary of JSR. Subject to the approval of the general meeting of the Company and the releveant regulators for the merger, the Company will be delisted for Taipei Exchange.
    2. Adopated by special resolutions: After the approval of the shareholders meeting of the Company for the merger, the Company applies to the Financial Supervisory Commission for the revocation of the public issuing company status in due course.
    3. Approval of release the Director from non-competing restrictions.
  3. Any other matters that need to specified: None

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