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Database Registration: OrganoidBase™

Access a Unique Collection of Patient-Relevant Organoid Models to Improve Predictivity and In Vivo Model Selection


Quickly and easily find the most appropriate models for your drug development studies using OrganoidBase, our online, searchable organoid database.

The first release of OrganoidBase features our patient-relevant PDX tumor-derived organoids (PDXO), and all their related histopathology, IC50, genomic, and transcriptomic analysis data. OrganoidBase allows you to rapidly search for specific models to meet all your research needs.

Our organoids are the only commercially available 3D in vitro model derived using IP-protected Hubrecht Organoid Technology (HUB) protocols.

Search Organoid Models for Your Specific Research Needs

Browse the collection to:

  • Select organoid models which best fit your research criteria
  • Cross reference PDXO model data with matched PDX in vivo models
  • Review and export PDXO histopathology, IC50, genomic, and transcriptomic analysis data




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