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Database Registration: HuBase

Access the World's Largest Collection of PDX Data for Better Model Selection


HuBase, Crown Bioscience’s online, searchable patient-derived xenograft (PDX) database, enables scientists around the world to quickly and easily search for models that meet their specific research needs.

HuBase collates data across the world's largest commercially available PDX collection and includes an updated user experience featuring an easy-to-use filter system and real-time genetic profiling analysis

Search PDX Models for your Specific Research Needs

Browse the collection to:

  • Access a diverse collection of over 2,400 well-characterized and ready-for-service PDX models from US, European, and Asian populations
  • Evaluate and filter models based on indication, target, growth characteristics, standard of care treatment, and ethnicity
  • Access genomic profiling data for 2,000+ PDX models
  • Compare and contrast models for better model selection
  • Export data in both graphical and tabular format to analyze
  • View TMA availability
  • Access associated publications for specific models




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