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New NAFLD/NASH Preclinical Model Data to be Presented at ADA 2020

San Diego, Calif – June 9, 2020 — Crown Bioscience today announced the presentation of new, proprietary NAFLD/NASH preclinical model development data. The data will be available at the American Diabetes Association (ADA) 80th Scientific Sessions, as well as CrownBio's own complementary virtual event.

The new data shares development of NAFLD/NASH models generated through dietary modifications across CrownBio’s repertoire of highly translational rodent and NHP preclinical models. The models will enable enhanced preclinical NAFLD/NASH drug development, a disease area currently lacking approved therapies.

Alongside ADA 2020 posters, CrownBio is also supporting the concurrent International NASH Day on June 12th with a NAFLD/NASH model development presentation. CrownBio is hosting a free virtual event, providing access to all of these resources, which is registered for at CrownBio.com/ADA20.

"We're committed to furthering and accelerating NAFLD/NASH research, by continuing to enhance our platform of highly translational preclinical models” said Dr. Jim Wang, senior vice president of cardiovascular and metabolic disease at CrownBio. “We’re delighted to be able to share our latest research in this area of high unmet need across a range of innovative virtual events this June".

CrownBio’s virtual ADA event occurs from June 12th to 16th at CrownBio.com/ADA20, and will allow discussion with the CrownBio cardiovascular and metabolic disease team, as well as the review and download of a wide range of resources across disease areas including NAFLD/NASH, diabetes, obesity, renal and cardiovascular diseases.

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