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Crown Biosciences Announces Partnership With Jasco Pharmaceuticals to Develop Oncology Programs


Santa Clara, CA (PRWEB) — Crown Bioscience, Inc. announces their partnership with Jasco Pharmaceuticals (Woburn, MA) providing discovery and pre-clinical Cancer Biology services for Jasco’s lead program. Jasco Pharmaceuticals will leverage Crown Bio’s unique models, powerful molecular profiling, and data analysis capabilities providing Jasco Pharma’s high speed medicinal chemistry approach with a synergistic biological complement accelerating the development of Jasco Pharmaceuticals’ novel small molecule Pim inhibitors. “CrownBio’s ability to develop drugs with a clear clinical path combined with Jasco’s novel drug molecules targeting the kinase mediated oncogenic pathway could provide alternative therapeutics in hematologic diseases” stated Dr. Yiyou Chen, CSO, Crown Bioscience. Jasco Pharmaceuticals’ President, Dr. Carmen Baldino stated “We are pleased to be collaborating with Crown to develop our novel small molecule oncology leads, and believe integrating Crown’s demonstrated biology and therapeutic area expertise with Jasco’s unique discovery capabilities significantly enhances our ability to deliver high quality drug candidates.” Preliminary results from this partnership will be presented at the upcoming American Association for Cancer Research meeting in Washington, D.C.

Crown Bioscience, Inc. is a U.S.-based drug discovery service company with R&D facilities in China committed to advancing anti-cancer therapeutics through the preclinical and drug development stages. Its proprietary, HuPrime® and HuKemia® platforms enable unique lead optimization and translational oncology strategies to deliver better clinical candidates. Our team of
experts provides an integrated service solution from idea to IND, including: preclinical, translational, and clinical capabilities.

For more information about CrownBio partnerships visit www.crownbio.com or call 603-686-9330.
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Jasco Pharmaceuticals, LLC is a privately held, pre-clinical stage biopharmaceutical company focused on the development of small molecule oncology therapeutics. Jasco was founded with a core expertise in high speed medicinal chemistry providing a launching point for a chemical genomics approach to the discovery of selective protein kinase inhibitors. The company’s vision is to rapidly and effectively develop pre-clinical oncology candidates that are then guided through the clinical development process by means of strategic partnerships.

For more information about Jasco Pharmaceuticals visit www.jascopharma.com or call 339-227-6822.

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