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Crown Bioscience Introduces New Informational Site Feature

United States, Santa Clara, California – Crown Bioscience is a
leading provider of oncology outsourcing services, providing researchers with
more cost efficient strategies for greater success in designed clinical trials. They
are pleased to announce that beginning July 14th, 2010 they will release a new
edition to their website that allows site visitors to bookmark the new feature “The
Buzz” page in order for fast access to up to date information that captures the
expansion of the Crown Bioscience collections.

New Site Feature Provides Quick Access ToMost RecentInformation
The new site edition “The Buzz” provides a quick link to bi-weekly updated
information featuring the expansion of Crown Bio collections located in the recent
updates section as well as, press news, events and job postings. Crown Bioscience
is adding this site edition because they understand that customers need to see if
their cell line or tumor type required is available. This new edition will benefit
customers as well as other site visitors enabling them to learn of the value of these
services and view the continually expanding collections including HuPrime,
HuBase and HuKemia.

New Site Edition Keeps Visitors Up To Date On Valuable Research
With this new quick click feature site visitors will also be able to learn about the
upcoming platform expectations. Such information will include details about the
HuPrime collection that is expected to offer over 310 fit for efficacy models by the
end of 2010. They are currently at 212. Crown Bio is also heavily filling their
breast, ovarian, prostate and glioblastoma collections, which help scientists to
accelerate their oncology research while reducing risks for more successful
clinical trials. The HuKemia collection of the world’s first and only collection of
human primary hematological models is expected to have 20 to 40 models of each
type by the end of the year. Crown Bio will also be announcing the launch of the
HuBase platform this September. With so many exciting translational oncologyassets to offer the new site edition of “The Buzz” is certain to prove useful in
keeping customers, loyal site users and new visitors up to date with the newest
information faster and easierthan ever before.

About Crown Bioscience,Inc.
Crown Bioscience, Inc. is a U.S.-based drug discovery service company with R&D
facilities in China committed to advancing anti-cancer therapeutics through the
preclinical and drug development stages. Its proprietary CrystalClear™,
HuPrime™ and HuKemia™ platforms enable unique lead optimization and
translational oncology strategies to deliver better clinical candidates. Our team of
experts provides an integrated service solution from idea to IND, including:
preclinical, translational, and clinical capabilities.

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