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Crown Bioscience Expands Life Science Product Offering with Recombinant Cell Lines

Santa Clara, California (June 22nd, 2015) – Crown Bioscience, Inc., a leading global drug discovery and preclinical development service company announced that is has added cell lines for biological studies and oncology drug screening to their Life Science division’s catalog.


Three new categories of cell lines are available for purchase:

EML4-ALK Kinase-Live cell lines are Crown’s stable Ba/F3 clones expressing exogenous EML4-ALK fusion variants, including wild type and L1196M, F1174L and C1156Y mutations. They are ideal for cell-based screening of potential ALK inhibitors that can overcome Crizotinib resistance.

PD-1 and PD-L1 recombinant cell lines are HEK 293T cells stably expressing exogenous human PD-1 or PD-L1. They are recommended for PD-1 or PD-L1 inhibitor or antibody drug screening.

Pathway Reporter cell lines that can be used to study the activation or inhibition of key intracellular signaling pathways involved in cancer and other diseases. The Wnt Pathway Reporter cell line is the first of these to be released. This cell line contains a stably integrated Wnt reporter expression cassette with the firefly luciferase gene. The Wnt reporter expression is robustly induced by exogenous Wnt stimulation, which can be easily measured by the luciferase activity. This cell line is intended for screening of inhibitors or activators of Wnt signaling pathway, which is frequently activated abnormally in many human cancers.

“We are excited to be offering these new cell lines to researchers and drug development scientists” says Abe Couse, VP of Life Science Division at Crown Bioscience. “These cell lines contain either key genes or pathways involved in oncology. For example, EML4-ALK gene fusion variants have been identified as causes for oncology drug resistance and developing second line drugs for these drug resistant targets is a critical need. We are excited to be able to offer these reagents to help further cancer drug development”.

The release of these cell lines, in combination with the company’s recently launched in vivo grade isotype controls, and diabetic and cancer tissue samples from relevant models, enhances Crown Bioscience’s mission to provide “gold standard” services and tools to clients within preclinical drug discovery, and ultimately help reduce the attrition rate of candidate compounds in the clinic, before they enter the clinic.

For further information about Crown Bioscience’s new cell line offerings, visitwww.crownbio.com/products/cell-lines.


About Crown Bioscience Inc.

Founded in 2006, Crown Bioscience is a premier drug discovery and development service company providing cutting-edge translational platforms and cost effective drug discovery solutions for its biotech and pharmaceutical partners in dedicated therapeutic areas: Oncology and Metabolic Disease. Our proprietary HuPrime®HuKemia®HuBase™HuMark™HuTrial™ and HuSignature™ platforms enable unique lead optimization and translational strategies to deliver superior clinical candidates. Headquartered in Santa Clara California, Crown Bioscience has operations in China (Beijing and Jiangsu Taicang), United Kingdom (Crown Bioscience UK Ltd. in Nottingham) and the USA (North Carolina and San Diego) with business offices in Edinburgh, Boston, Karlsruhe, Milan, Phoenix, Princeton, RTP and Shanghai. For more information, please visit http://www.crownbio.com.

For further press information please contact: lauren.roper@crownbio.com

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