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New White Paper: Disrupting the Oncology Drug Development Workflow with PDXO Models

Applications of HUB Tumor Organoids in Oncology Drug Development

Applications of HUB Tumor Organoids

Models with improved clinical relevance are needed for early stage preclinical drug development, to help improve the attrition rate of oncology drug candidates. HUB tumor organoids provide a novel, 3D in vitro platform featuring predictive and disease relevant models derived from patient tumors or PDX.

This White Paper focuses on PDX-derived tumor organoids (PDXO) developed using HUB protocols, as robust in vitro models, designed to improve the predictivity and speed of preclinical drug discovery. The development, key features, and benefits of PDXO are discussed, alongside main applications in large-scale drug screening, in vivo model selection, and in silico drug discovery.

Download This White Paper to Understand:

  • The key benefits of PDX-derived organoids including combining the predictivity of PDX models, the scalability of an in vitro system, and the robustness of HUB Organoids

  • How PDXO and PDX models provide the only available matched in vitro/in vivo system for oncology drug discovery

  • How to use PDXO models for large scale drug screens with improved patient relevance and higher-quality read outs than standard 2D and 3D in vitro systems

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