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SITC 2023 Posters


Analyzing Effects of Immunotherapies, such as Bispecific Antibodies and Cellular Therapy, Targeting EGFR Expression with a High Content Screening Platform in Patient-derived Organoids

Authors: Saskia de Man, Chiara Foini, Tomas Veenendaal, Sergei Chavez Abiega, Michelle Kop, Rick Heeren, Christos Sarantaris, Daniel Okkes, Ashgard Weterings, Leo Price, Gera Goverse

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Tumor-associated SIRPα Expression Evaluation in Melanoma PDX Models via IHC for Potential ICI-predictive Applications

Authors: Xiaolong Tu, Likun Zhang, Wenjuan Zhou, Hongjiang Yu, Cheng Jiang, Henry Li,  Annie Xiaoyu An

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Evaluation of Efficacy and Toxicity of Human CD40 Agonists in C57BL/6-hCD40/hFcγRIIB HuGEMM™

Authors: Demi X. Liu, Kaixia Lian, Xuefei Yan, Lily Rong Wang, Jie Lin, Xinhe Feng, Xiaolong Tu, Chengcheng Wang, Lei Zheng, Xiaoxi Xu, Annie Xiaoyu An, Ludovic Bourre, Jessie JingJing Wang

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Multiomics Biomarker Analysis in 12 Mouse Syngeneic Models Under ICI Treatment

Authors: Binchen Mao, Sheng Guo

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TME Immune-profiling of Ex Vivo Tumor Tissues and Their Functional Responses to Immuno-oncology Treatments

Authors: Sander Basten, Talita Stessuk, Ezgi Kaya Aksoy, Niels Meesters, Kuan Yan, Emma Spanjaard, Leo Price, Nataliia Beztsinna

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Selective Reversal of Key Features of T Cell Exhaustion in an In Vitro Model by a SMARCA4/2 ATPase Inhibitor

Authors: Eden Kleiman , Linda Liang , Elizabeth Epps , Jared Gunn , Mingfa Zang , Marrit Putker , Ludovic Bourre, Pirouz Daftarian

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