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Application Note: NHP Models of Obesity

The most predictive preclinical models for obesity studiesCrownBio Application Note - NHP Models of Obesity

Obesity is becoming a serious epidemic issue across the world, and has already become one of the leading causes of morbidity and mortality. However, the precise molecular and cellular mechanisms of obesity-associated health problems have yet to be elucidated.

Many obesity studies are moving towards using more translational models such as non-human primates (NHPs) which naturally develop metabolic syndrome and obesity to answer these questions. These models show close pathophysiological similarities to humans, and can provide important information relative to human disease.

CrownBio maintains large colonies of cynomolgus and rhesus obesity NHPs which can provide critical translational data on understanding disease mechanisms, evaluating therapies, biomarkers, and medical devices, and in tracking of obesity to other complications.

Download This Application Note to Learn About:

  • Our well-characterized NHPs, fully validated for metabolic defects and exhibiting clinical features similar to human disease
  • How NHPs naturally developing metabolic syndrome are the most predictive clinical models for obesity studies, providing confidence in go/no-go decisions before entering clinical trials
  • How these models can be complemented by diet induced obesity models in differing NHP backgrounds (e.g. lean, obese, and diabetic NHPs) to allow investigation into a variety of dysmetabolic disease types

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