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Unlocking the Power of Drug Synergy in Mouse Tumor Models

Statistical Assessment of Drug Synergy from In Vivo Combination Studies Using Mouse Tumor Models

Binchen Mao, Sheng Guo


Drug synergy has been screened mainly in cell lines with matured statistical methods, and is increasingly being done in animal models, which is evident during our interactions with customers. However, no good statistical method existed for evaluating in vivo synergy. As a consequence, many drug combos failed clinical trials even though they seemed to show (false) synergy in animal studies. The new method, for the first time, can reliably determine drug synergy in PDX/CDX/syngeneic models, and it is also the first time to report that Bliss synergy observed in cell line assays is validated in mouse models using data from a recent Nature paper (Nature volume 603, pages166–173, 2022).



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