AACR-NCI-EORTC Poster B142: New Immuno-Oncology Organoid Assay

Co-Culture of Tumor Organoids with Immune Cells for Immuno-Oncology Drug Development

AACR-NCI-EORTC Poster B142: New Immuno-Oncology Organoid AssayZhongliang Li, Jun Zhou, Rui Zhang, Fei Wang, Shuzong Wang, Xiaoxi Xu, Yujun Huang, Henry Li

To expand organoid use to immuno-oncology drug development, tumor organoids can be cultured with peripheral blood lymphocytes or tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes. Recapitulating the tumor microenvironment through co-culture of tumor organoids and immune cells provides an efficient and refined assay for assessing the immune modulatory and tumor killing effects of immunotherapies.

This poster details the establishment and validation of an immuno-oncology assay platform using a co-culture of organoids derived from Hubrecht Organoid Technology (HUB) protocols with various immune cells.

Read this Poster to Discover:

  • That organoids derived from patient tissue, PDX, and murine tumors can be used in co-culture with immune cells

  • How co-culture of organoids and non-autologous PBMC resulted in allo-reactive T cell mediated and ADCC-NK cell mediated killing of tumor organoids

  • Potential co-culture assay applications including assessment of CAR-T cells, bi-specific T cell engagers, and other immuno-oncology drugs

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