Mouse Clinical Trials: HuTrial

Preclinical population studies that help stratify patients for clinical


Identify Responders, Partial, and Non-Responders Before You Enter the Clinic With Mouse Clinical Trials

New translational technologies are required to make the oncology drug development process more efficient, to lower developmental costs, and to reduce attrition rates.

Population based studies using large cohorts of Patient-Derived Xenografts (PDX) fit the bill, providing vital information on responder and non-responder subgroups, and allowing better decision making before entering clinical trials.

Identify and Understand Who Will Benefit from Your Treatment

The concept of HuPrime: mouse clinical trials

The Concept of a HuTrial

CrownBio provides a preclinical Translational Oncology Technology Platform based around our highly predictive HuPrime® and HuKemia® PDX models. Our clients use these well-characterized and genomically annotated models in HuTrials (mouse clinical trials) to identify and understand which patients will benefit from their treatment before they enter the clinic.

Within a HuTrial, each PDX subject reflects the pathology of its original patient (behaving as a patient avatar), with the cohort of patient avatars representing a diversity of the human patient population. The main functional utilities of HuTrials include:

CrownBio Holds the Key Components to Unlocking Avatar Trial Success

Successful HuTrials require several key components, the most important of which is a library of validated and genomically/genetically annotated PDXs, which is large enough to reflect and represent a diversity of the patient population. Our HuPrime and HuKemia PDX now total 2,500 models, the largest commercially available collection, covering multiple cancer types, with a large number of models in passage and ready to screen

Model selection for HuTrials is made easy by our curated online PDX database HuBase™, and our powerful new search engine (which searches models from all of our Oncology databases) OncoExpress™.

CrownBio also has the key logistical components and large capacity in place to run multiple trials concurrently at a single site or at multiple centers across the US, China, and the UK. Our expert scientists aid in trial design, optimizing large and small studies on a client by client basis.

Interested in Immuno-Oncology?

We also provide the CrownBio HuTrial approach in an immune-reconstituted setting (using hematopoietic stem cell (HSC) PDX models), for immunotherapeutic assessment.

Leverage the HSC donor diversity found in these models, we perform translational population studies that mirror the diversity of both the tumors and immune systems found in the clinic.

These studies are enabling clients to understand the immunophenotypic profiles of responder and non-responder populations to help predict a favorable outcome for their novel immunotherapeutics.