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The Easy Way to Find Your Murine Efficacy/PD and Humanized Models

The vast array of murine cancer and immunotherapy models can make choosing the correct model for your research complicated and confusing.

CrownBio has simplified the process by collating all our murine efficacy/PD and humanized models in one database (MuBase), to allow side-by-side comparison and selection of appropriate models.

Compare and Contrast Our Research Platforms

Our easy to use proprietary database, MuBase collates all of our data from:

  • Syngeneic models, our suite of tumor models which provides a valuable system for assessing new single agent and combination immunotherapies within mice with fully competent immunity
  • GEMM and carcinogen-induced primary mouse tumor models covering multiple disease indications and a variety of mutations, which can be utilized to interrogate the complete process of cancer progression and to assess where stimulating the immune system is most beneficial
  • HuGEMM™, our chimeric platform which allows the evaluation of specific human biological therapies in vivo, in mice with a fully functional murine immune system featuring a humanized drug target e.g. with the murine target protein directly replaced with its human counterpart

Search Across Multiple Model Types

MuBase provides the ability to search and browse the genomic, proteomic, and pharmacological profiling that we have completed for our models to help identify the most suitable platform for your studies.

Models can be browsed by specific platform type, with searches for gene expression, mutation, and fusion encompassing all model types, allowing clients to quickly and easily find models of interest to meet their research needs.

Search Across Multiple Model Types:
ERBB2 Expression in our Murine Efficacy Models and Cell Lines

Explore a Wide Variety of Data

  • Model background
  • Mouse strain
  • Histopathology
  • Genomic profiling (proprietary RNAseq data)
  • Standard of care data

Register Now

Registering for MuBase is quick and easy, with a member of the CrownBio database team validating your request within 24 hours. One registration gives you access to all CrownBio databases, allowing access to a wide range of model types.