Oncology Databases

Our unique databases provide a curated source of well-characterized models available for use in drug discovery today


Quickly Find Models to Fit Your Research Needs

Understanding the genetic drivers behind tumorigenesis is critical for the development of cancer therapeutics. Scientists at CrownBio have deployed the latest genomic characterization technologies to understand the genetic background of a wide range of our models, covering:

Collating all of these data in our easy to use online databases and model search engine provides a fast and uncomplicated method for our clients to understand the comprehensive genetic context behind the response to their compounds, and to find models to fit their further research needs.


A unique asset, to easily search for models that meet your criteria. An online database containing the complete genomic annotation of our HuPrime PDX models:

mRNA expression microRNA expression copy number mutations
gene fusion clinical data pharmacology data  


Simplify your model selection using the only online database collating mutational and gene expression profiles for tumor organoid models.

OrganoidBase currently features data for our PDX-derived tumor organoid models from more than 10 different cancer indications. HUB patient-derived tumor organoids data will be available soon.


Online database containing information for CrownBio’s immuno-oncology murine efficacy platforms:

MuBase provides the ability to search and browse the genomic, proteomic, and pharmacological profiles completed for these models to help identify the most suitable models for your studies.


The world’s first online database for cell lines and Cell Line Derived Xenograft models, collating data from over 1,000 tumor cell lines. XenoBase combines:

  • Public profiling data
    • expression, copy number, and mutation
  • Proprietary pharmacology data

Linked and searchable for you to easily find and navigate to models that match your criteria.


OncoExpress is our newly launched search engine allowing clients to explore all CrownBio models contained in HuBase, XenoBase, and MuBase, in just one search. OncoExpress also includes model information such as growth curves, standard of care pharmacological data, mutation, and copy number analysis.

More complete model information is found within each individual database, however, OncoExpress provides a rapid way to comprehensively search throughout CrownBio assets to find all relevant models across multiple platform types.

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