95% of new agents fail in the clinic and 50% of these due to lack of efficacy. How can you make better decisions before you enter clinical trials, to reduce attrition and costs?


Allowing you to enter the clinic with confidence

HuTrials enable you to perform a surrogate clinical trial in a preclinical setting, stratifying your patient population to identify responders and non-responders to your treatment regimen, and discover and validate biomarkers of response before you enter the clinic.

  • Access the world’s largest collection of PDX (HuPrime®) to mimic clinical trials with a clinical readout
  • HuPrime human surrogate mouse models are reflective of the diversity of genetics, tumor heterogeniety, and response in a patient population.
  • Select models from >25 cancer types using HuBase™, our searchable database of HuPrime models.
  • Identify:
    • Responsive patient populations before you enter the clinic.
    • Optimal partner drugs for combination.
    • Biomarkers of response for companion diagnostic development.
  • Multi-center and multi-trial capacity at our sites across the globe.

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