MuPrime™ Homograft Models

Combine the predictive power of GEMM with consistent, robust homograft models for pharmacological research


We've Taken the Gold Standard Mouse Tumor Model and Made Some Improvements...

The evaluation of novel immunotherapeutics requires the next generation of preclinical research models, featuring functional immune systems. Genetically engineered mouse models (GEMM) with full murine immunity are available, and have long been a gold standard in immuno-oncology research.

CrownBio and partners provide a range of GEMM and carcinogen-induced primary mouse tumor models covering multiple disease indications and a variety of mutations, which can be utilized to interrogate the complete process of cancer progression, and to assess where stimulating the immune system is most beneficial.

Murine Homograft Models for Efficacy and PD Assessment

We are also enhancing our In Vivo Immunotherapy Translational Technology Platform with MuPrime models, which are derived from GEMM or carcinogen-induced models. MuPrime combines the improved predictive power of their parental models with an operational simplicity, consistency, and robust growth for pharmacology research, including efficacy and PD assessment.

MuPrime models are comprised of homografts of spontaneous murine tumors derived from GEMM or carcinogen-induced models, with MuPrime tumors derived from three different sources:

  • Spontaneous tumors from GEMM
  • Spontaneous or carcinogen-induced tumors or pseudo GEMM
  • Tumors from non-germline GEMM using CRISPR/Cas9 in vivo gene editing

MuPrime models are never manipulated or adapted to grow in vitro (similar to parental models), mirroring original mouse tumor histopathology and genetic profiles, with different differentiation phenotypes, rich microenvironments, and cancer stem cell driven disease. Models are fully validated through immunohistochemistry, RNAseq to confirm gene expression and mutational status, treatment with immunotherapeutics, and immuno-oncology profiling.

Quickly and Easily Find Models of Interest

The MuPrime collection covers a wide diversity of cancer types, and enables preclinical research into, and discovery of, specific pathways and predictive biomarkers for targeted immunotherapy agents. Selecting your MuPrime model of interest is made easy by our curated online murine cancer model database MuBase®, and our powerful new search engine (which searches models from all our Oncology databases) OncoExpress™.

Contact us today for help in selecting the right immuno-oncology models for your research needs, and for further information on CrownBio MuPrime models.