CAR-T Cell Therapy Models

Novel PDX and CD19 in vivo CAR-T therapy evaluation platforms


Translational Xenograft Platforms for CAR-T Cell Therapy Evaluation

Including PDX and CD19 Targeting

CAR-T therapies target specific tumor-associated antigens. Our preclinical Patient-Derived Xenograft (PDX) in vivo CAR-T evaluation Translational Platform allows rapid target selection from a vast array of antigens expressed by models derived from patients, which truly mimic human disease and immunotherapy response.

Why PDX for CAR-T Therapy Evaluation?

  • 2,500 well-characterized models providing a wide range of CAR-T therapy targets

  • Highly predictive PDX models, preserving the heterogeneous pathological and genetic characteristics of the original patient tumors, providing a translatable response
  • Quickly and easily find models overexpressing your antigen of interest from our curated online model characterization database (HuBase™) and new search engine OncoExpress

Is CD19 Your CAR-T Therapy Target?

Need a validated model for CD19 - the main target for CAR-T therapies in hematological malignancies?

Our validated Raji human Burkitt lymphoma, CD19 positive xenograft model is highly sensitive to CD19 targeting, and ready to run your efficacy studies now.

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