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CAR-T Cell Therapy Evaluation Platforms

Novel PDX and cell line derived xenograft models for in vivo CAR-T therapy evaluation


Translational Xenograft Platforms for CAR-T Cell Immunotherapy Evaluation

Including PDX and CD19 Expressing Cell Line Derived Xenograft Models

CAR-T therapies target specific tumor-associated antigens. Our preclinical platform for CAR-T cell therapy evaluation includes:

  • Patient-Derived Xenograft (PDX) models, which truly mimic human disease and immunotherapy response
  • Cell line derived xenograft models, including models expressing CD19, the most common CAR-T cell target in hematological cancers
  • Bioluminescent imaging (BLI) platform for non-invasive, real time monitoring of tumor response to therapy

Why PDX for CAR-T Therapy Evaluation?

PDX are highly predictive models, which preserve the heterogeneous pathological and genetic characteristics of the original patient tumors, providing a translatable response.

CrownBio’s collection of 2,500 well-characterized models offers a wide range of CAR-T therapy targets.

Our curated online model characterization databas (HuBase™) and new search engine OncoExpress allow you to quickly and easily find models overexpressing your antigen of interest.

Is CD19 Your CAR-T Therapy Target?

Need a validated model for CD19 - the main target for CAR-T therapies in hematological malignancies?

Our validated Raji human Burkitt lymphoma, CD19 positive xenograft model is highly sensitive to CD19 targeting, and ready to run your efficacy studies now.

Alternatively, find the model expressing your CAR-T cell target of choice using OncoExpress or browse XenoBase®, our curated online database of cell line and cell line derived xenograft models, which collates all our model data, including genomic profiling, for easy model selection.

Want to Monitor Your Study Progress In Real Time?

We have established a bioluminescent imaging platform that can be combined with our systemic or orthotopic cell line derived xenografts for real time, non-invasive evaluation of your CAR-T cell efficacy in vivo.

Contact us today for expert advice on progressing your preclinical CAR-T therapy studies into the clinic.