Progress your preclinical immunotherapies with 
our comprehensive range of in vivo immuno-oncology models


Explore our Range of Validated Preclinical Immuno-Oncology Models

Immuno-oncology is a highly diverse therapeutic area where one in vivo model will not fit all your immunotherapy research needs. We’ve developed a variety of in vivo immuno-oncology models, specifically designed to answer a wide range of research questions.

Humanized Models

Explore a highly translational approach to drug development by using humanized models to evaluate human-specific immunotherapies:

  • Utilize CD34+ hematopoietic stem cell (HSC) humanized models, recapitulating multiple immune cell lineages. Combine with PDX models to mimic the heterogeneity of clinical immune phenotypes, and perform memory response studies.

  • More rapidly assess your human-specific T cell targeting agents via PBMC-humanized models with reconstituted T cells and NK lineages (MiXeno™). Combine with conventional cell line derived xenografts to choose from a wide variety of models with rich historical data.

Human Target Expressing Models

For robust proof of concept studies of human-specific checkpoint inhibitors and immunotherapies, try humanized drug target models. HuGEMM™ and HuCELL™ offer an alternative to full humanization, featuring a functional murine immune system with a knocked-in or overexpressed human target directly replacing its murine counterpart.

  • Answer your specific questions on compound antitumor activity and target engagement using models expressing human immune checkpoints such as PD-1, PD-L1, and CTLA-4.

Murine Immunity Models and Services

Evaluate surrogate and cross-reactive immunotherapies using fully immunocompetent murine models. Discover our large collection of syngeneic models, tumor homograft models (MuPrime™), and the original large-scale in vivo immunotherapy screening platform (MuScreen™).

  • Simply evaluate agent proof-of-concept and target engagement in well-characterized syngeneic models with ample historical data for comparison

  • Enhance the translational value of your immunotherapy with tumor homografts, GEMM-derived models preserving clinically relevant mutations and original tumor histopathology, combined with operational simplicity for robust pharmacology studies

  • Quickly and cost effectively screen your agent efficacy and pharmacodynamics in MuScreen, the first large-scale in vivo screening platform for cancer immunotherapeutics using syngeneic and tumor homograft models