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Progress your preclinical immunotherapeutics with
CrownBio’s comprehensive in vivo Immunotherapy
Translational Technology Platform


Introducing our Wide Range of Validated Immuno-Oncology Preclinical Models

Immuno-oncology is a highly diverse therapeutic area. At CrownBio, we therefore understand that one in vivo model will not fit all of our client immunotherapy research needs.

We have developed an In Vivo Immunotherapy Translational Technology Platform providing a comprehensive and varied selection of immuno-oncology preclinical models, specifically designed to fulfill a wide range of research tasks and efficacy testing, including combination with radiotherapy.

CAR-T Therapy Evaluation

Utilize our extensive collection of 2,500 HuPrime® Patient-Derived Xenograft (PDX) models, or our validated CD19-targeted cell line derived xenograft model in CAR-T therapy evaluation

Humanized Models

  • Hematopoietic stem cell (HSC) PDX models harness the human immune system against human tumors, combining humanized mice with our HuPrime PDX models for therapy evaluation and population studies

  • The MiXeno platform of transient human immunity in mice provides a simple alternative to the full stem cell reconstitution approach for a range of oncology applications

  • HuGEMM™ and HuCELL™ unique models express humanized drug targets in a fully functional murine immune system for evaluation of human-specific biological therapies

Murine Efficacy/PD Models

  • Syngeneic tumor models provide a valuable system for assessing new single agent and combination immunotherapies, or combination radiotherapy within mice with fully competent immunity, and for the fast-track, large-scale, in vivo screening of compounds.

  • MuPrime™ murine homograft models combine the improved predictive power of GEMM/carcinogen-induced models with an operational simplicity, consistency, and robust growth for pharmacology research, including efficacy and PD assessment

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