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RNA Degradation and Its Influence on Transcriptomic Profiling: A Case Study with Preclinical Samples

Unlocking the Secrets of Quality RNA-seq Analysis

RNA-seq stands at the forefront of measuring transcriptional activities in cells and tissues. Yet, its reliability hinges on high-quality RNA—a challenge due to RNA degradation during sample collection and processing.

Dive into our Webinar to Discover:

  • Why careful analysis of gene expression data from degraded RNA samples is crucial.
  • How the RIN value might not reveal the full story of RNA sample quality.
  • Why gene-level differential analyses outshine transcript-level expression analyses.

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About The Presenter:

Yanghui Sheng, PhD, Scientist, Data Science and Bioinformatics at Crown Bioscience

Dr. Yanghui Sheng completed her PhD in Neuroscience from Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in 2019. Deepening her commitment to her field, she pursued and achieved a Master’s in Biostatistics from the prestigious Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. In 2021, she joined Crown Bioscience as Scientist in Data Science and Bioinformatics. Dr. Sheng has spearheaded numerous internal and client-centric projects in the realm of biomarker discovery. Her unique blend of in-depth scientific acumen coupled with her advanced statistical expertise positions her as a visionary in her field, consistently deriving novel insights and solutions.

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